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    VR Ride Out simulator mountain bike

    VR Ride Out simulator mountain bike

    Specially designed Cycling shell allows users to “feel the terrain” while riding.

    Ride Out a specialized Bicycle store in the Netherlands, has introduced a new experience of mountain Biking in virtual reality based on the deadly antics of professional Scottish cyclist Danny Makaskilla.

    Developed by immersive content REWIND and Cut Media, VR Ride Out Danny Makaskilla invites participants to Wade through two issues of vertigo locations — Collis ledge on the Isle of Skye, Scotland and bridge of Landwasser in Switzerland with one of a kind of moving installation. Created using the Unreal Engine, the game uses footage from the camera and the drone, taken directly from The Ridge, a popular sports film Cut Media with the participation of Makaskilla.

    Players start with the fact that wearing a VR headset, and then get on a specialized unit for movement created by using a Bicycle Santa Cruz. This allows riders to feel the virtual terrain through feedback in real time on the steering wheel; the platform also will swing as soon as the riders pedal scroll through each environment, further immersing them in the process.

    “It was a pleasure working with the team at Cut Media and to bring to life two of the most famous bike trails Danny in virtual reality,” said Neil Eveli, head of new business REWIND, in the official release. “Closely integrating Bicycle Santa Cruz with a platform movement in Unreal Engine, we
    created the world’s first exciting experience of mountain bike VR. It literally allows you to experience these routes on their own experience”.

    According to the release, simulator mountain Biking VR was developed in honor of the launch of the Santa Cruz bicycles shop Ride Out in Amsterdam. Those who have experienced the simulation, at the end give your own video game a mixed reality that allows them to share their virtual journey with friends through social networks.

    “We work with Danny for twelve years and are very proud to have helped to demonstrate his incredible skills to audiences worldwide,” added STU Thomson, founder and Director of the Cut Media. “It’s such a thrill when you first put the audience on the bike and Danny try their strength in causing dizziness trip that will challenge their balance and self-control”.

    Those wishing to learn more can visit the rideout.amsterdam.




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