VR is Wacom Pen — stylus for VR

VR is Wacom Pen — stylus for VR

Wacom, the leader in styluses and tablets for creative professionals, late last month unveiled a new device designed specifically for creators seeking to use the possibilities of virtual reality.


A device called the VR Wacom Pen is a pressure-sensitive stylus. That being said in a statement on his web page , developer oriented, allows users to draw not only in virtual reality, but also to professional graphic tablets company for traditional 2D drawing.



One of the main obstacles when creating a stylus virtual reality is the lack of feedback, making it difficult to draw in open spaces and inherently makes it less accurate.


However, Wacom declares that its pressure-sensitive button near the tip of the pen allows the user to naturally change the stroke width depending on the forces used in the capture pen, which according to him, recreates “the experience similar to drawing with pen on paper”.



Wacom Pen VR also has several other buttons, including the handle in the form of a trigger, handle rotation to select the digital tool and the selector switch on the handle.


Still have a lot to learn about VR Wacom Pen, including standalone monitoring solution; it does not rely on a standard tracking system for VR, such as a base station or Valve’s SteamVR Oculus Insight, side solution for optical tracking on the Oculus Rift’s and Quest / Quest 2. Wacom not yet described in detail how his tracking system.



However, the use of independent judgment to monitor, of course, profitable to a larger number of users. In this regard, the President and CEO of Wacom Nobu EDI says in the video (below) that the pen VR Pen is designed to work with “major VR headsets on the market”.


Strongly supporting the movement of companies to create native virtual reality, VR Ihde calls the Pen “is different from any other pen created by Wacom before, and this will be our transition point to the next creative future”.


Wacom is not the first company that offers a stylus for virtual reality. Logitech, one of the largest participants and a direct competitor of Wacom, from the beginning of 2020 suggested that his pen Logitech Ink VR for $ 750, integrating tracking SteamVR in a fairly standard body of the stylus.


At the moment, it seems that Wacom is still looking for partners. Interested professional users are invited to directly contact Wacom via email wacomvrpen@wacom.com .




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