VR for G3: free Virtual Reality glasses from LG

VR for G3: free Virtual Reality glasses from LG

The Korean LG group, is generous. Who buys in the future, a G3, the current Top model of the Smartphone to the offer to company to get the Virtual Reality glasses VR for G3 for free. In February, the offer will start.

As a basis for the design of the VR for G3 Google’s Project Cardboard’ve served, says the group in a press release. The project of some of the Google employees had been presented in the summer of 2014 on Google’s developer conference I/O. At that time, the company distributed an extremely cheap VR glasses as a kit from cardboard. Instead of a PC, a Smartphone is used in Google’s Version as the computer and the screen. Imitators were desirable.

And indeed, there are now abound. Online cardboard are offered kits like Google to single-digit Euro-rates. But there are also far more expensive variants, such as Samsung’s Gear VR. The product of the Korean competitors, can be ordered a few days ago, in the German online shop of the company, for nearly 200 Euro. In the Test, it has fallen to us.

Accordingly, the key question is whether the free device from LG can compete with the Samsung glasses, with regard to the comfort and the quality of the lenses. As a drive, and screen LG uses the G3: the processor is fast enough for the latest VR Apps, we were able to find the Try of Google cardboard glasses, in which we used the G3.

The only point of criticism: as with Samsung’s solution with the Galaxy Note 4 which is actually very high resolution of the screen was not enough to produce a flawless image. Instead, it was partially clear a strip of education.

According to the model of Project Cardboard also LGs VR for G3 uses a magnet that affects the gyroscope in the phone, as a management tool. In the Gear VR, there is a genuine Touchpad, and a Home button. In the pack, the VR glasses from LG is a voucher for the VR to lie game “Roboliteration”.

That LG is touting right now with such an offer, makes sense. At the beginning of March, the mobile phone trade fair, Mobile World Congress, on a number of manufacturers, the new Smartphones will introduce begins in Barcelona. The addition of a VR glasses could help LG to bring its been almost a year-old Smartphone against more modern competition in position.

Probably, however, is that LG will soon present a successor to the G3. According to rumors, the new model will have a higher-resolution screen. Such a Display could make VR applications, potentially even more realistic. A date for the presentation of the G4-called Smartphones, but there are still.

Also not yet known to the LG has to apply are given, where the new Free offer: as of Tuesday morning, it said only that it will give the VR for G3 “in select markets”.

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