VR causes a 31% increase in claims to insurance companies

VR causes a 31% increase in claims to insurance companies

The British insurance company Aviva has published a report, collected by media such as The Guardian, in which it states that insurance claims for home losses related to the use of virtual reality have grown 31% in 2021 with respect to the previous year, and 68% since 2016.

The average amount of these VR-related claims for accidental damage in 2021 was around £ 650 (about EUR 775), with shattered TVs being the main victims of these accidents caused by over-enthusiastic players who do not respect the limits of the safety area recommended by the manufacturers.

These devices can be a great source of fun, but we encourage people to be aware of their environment and take a look at their home insurance to see that it fits their needs, ” says Kelly Whittington, Aviva’s director of property claims

Home insurance coverage may or may not cover accidental breakages of furniture or appliances. Responsible for Aviva, the sixth-largest insurer in the world, explain that this is not the first time that the success of a device of leisure and its misuse causes domestic accidents with damage to objects or personal injury, it happened before with the Nintendo Wii, and to a lesser extent, even by the use of finger spinners.

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