Vive Sync launches free beta

Vive Sync launches free beta

In the current global situation, Vive Sync is supposed to help companies communicate with the help of VR. What features has the beta?


At the end of 2018 HTC announced Vive Sync with application to virtual reality, which will allow you to work together in the distance. Employees should be able to log in to virtual meeting rooms and make decisions, have discussions and share information.


Collaboration in virtual space


Beta Vive Sync now runs free for companies and external employees. Given the current situation in the world and focus on home office, this platform must allow companies to improve communication and performance.


“VR has the unique ability to link staff and external groups, as if they were in the same physical space — no other tool or environment can’t offer,” said David Sapienza, the developer 2 Bears Studio, in a press release. “Vive Sync allows colleagues and partners worldwide to interact in virtual space, optimising performance, cooperation and team spirit. The future of work quickly globaliseerumise — more homework and virtual reality is the solution that makes this new reality is sustainable.”



In addition to improving the performance of virtual meeting is also designed to help strengthen the team spirit due to the effect of the presence and to build better relationships with team members you rarely or perhaps never see.


Functions Vive Sync


At the same time in a virtual meeting can contain up to 30 participants. HTC calls meetings, online classes, virtual press conferences and commercial presentations of possible applications. Avatars you can create with the app, Vive Sync Avatar Creator for mobile devices, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.


Vive Sync supports tracking of the entire body with the help of Vive Tracker. According to HTC, at the beginning of the beta Vive Sync the following functions are available:


  • OneDrive support — easy and secure upload and share internal files with the app. Share PowerPoint, PDF, video and images on large displays in meeting rooms.
  • View 3D models — Download 3D models and scope for a detailed view and internal meetings.
  • 3D-drawing — for annotating models and files, and improvisation.
  • Custom design avatar is the best dive individually designed avatars depending on the appearance of the user.
  • Personal notes. Voice notes and screen shots ensure that important information will become a virtual reality.
  • Conference tables and seats in the audience. Depending on the number of participants, you can gather at the usual meeting table or in the audience.
  • Support ecosystem VIVE: VIVE Sync compatible with all devices VIVE, including standalone and virtual headset for the PC.


In the future we plan to support other VR glasseslike the Rift, Quest, Index and Windows MR. In addition, participants who have no points of VR, should be able to use the viewer PC. Improved controls collection (for example, mute participants) and the possibility of recording the conference are also included in the action plan.

Vive Sync you can download from the official website.



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