Virtual world in front of the head

Virtual world in front of the head

Rarely, a test device in the editorial team has drawn so many covetous look at how Samsung’s Virtual Reality glasses Gear VR. It is quite sufficient to give the oversized construction to the Desk in order to provoke the curious looks and questions. An understandable reaction, because the Samsung glasses looks with her white plastic body and the padded head bands, unusual.

Above all, it looks unusual when you Put on the head. Not so much because others wonder about the chunky glasses, but, because it moves in a for observers in a very irritating way, if you are wearing the Gear VR.

Because as soon as you set up the new Samsung glasses, are immersed in a different world. Finally, the meaning and purpose of a VR-glasses. You should create the impression that you are in a different world, in a Virtual Reality (VR).

The succeed in of the Gear VR very well. As soon as I tend to the glasses, I start to interact with this new world. I turn around, look in all directions and access attempts objects that appear in front of my eyes. For me, it seems completely natural, from the outside, it looks like I would go crazy.

Not a Gadget for the masses

On such technology, many companies, especially the US-based company Oculus, the VR glasses, we’ve tried several times to research. However, the Oculus is in need of a PC as a controller with a computer via a cable is connected. In addition, it is not yet a finished product that you could buy.

A properly finished product, the Gear VR is not, which is why they are referred to from Samsung, as Innovators Edition. Specifically, the group points out that the Gear VR for Software developers is intended. And for Early Adopters, so users always want to have the latest technology and also before the little quirks don’t shy away.

High-end, it must be

One of the few quirks at the same time is a big advantage over the technology of the Oculus: The Gear VR doesn’t need a PC. Instead, you put a Smartphone into the glasses, which serves as the control computer and the screen at the same time. This is good because the glasses can work wirelessly. At the same time, but it is also a limitation, because in the current Version of the Gear VR only works with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, which is, in turn, with 769 euros in Samsung’s price list.

The Note 4 is also an extremely important component of the overall concept. As a high-end Smartphone, it is equipped with a very fast processor, lots of memory and a number of Sensors for a realistic Virtual Reality experience necessary. Above all, it has an extremely high resolution screen with 2560 x 1440 pixels.

The resolution is necessary because of the screen for the 3D representation of the virtual reality is divided in the middle, each half of the screen supported an eye. In fact, the resulting picture is not particularly high contrast, and is often superimposed by a fine mesh grid.

But these technical details I forget, when I wear the Gear VR on the nose. Even if the image experience photo is not exactly realistic, the virtual worlds, but so convincing, that you forget soon the real world. The first self-experiment – actually, I have to say – I sank for two hours in a VR game.

Here comes the second issue: is the selection of appropriate Software is not yet. Samsung is working with Oculus to as much as possible the Oculus Software on the Gear VR is to use. Some games are: virtual dives, a 360-degree photo viewer, a virtual cinema, and more. As you can see with the glasses, for example, wonderful films, as it would be rows in a real cinema with a screen, a projector and a Chair. Just for Popcorn, caring.


Samsung is often accused of copying the ideas of others. In the case of the Gear VR, it was meant to be, however. The concept is based on an idea from Google engineers, who presented in the summer of 2014, the Project Cardboard, an extremely cheap VR goggles out of cardboard, used a Smartphone as a calculator and screen. Imitators were desirable.

Samsung variant of the Project Cardboard is very successful. The virtual realities therein are not super realistic, but so convincing, that it’s just fun to play around with. The price is also perfectly fine. Nevertheless, you should consider the purchase carefully. Suitable for mass production, the System is, if it works with more different smart-phones, and if the Software selection is greater. Until then, it remains a Nerd toy. However, there is a very nice.

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