Virtual travel in the Corona-crisis, But we can still dream

We are at the Fjord and listen in the silence. The Wind pressed the icebergs in the Fjord, but hunter Tobias has done it with his Boot to get us through. We have to get out and drive in the fog by the mystic maze of ice.

In reality, we all sit at home in front of our computers. However, in thoughts, we are in Greenland’s wild East, and Ruth Zeller, follow narratives. Real travel are currently in the distance, but we can still dream.


The virtual travel a reality

>The trekking tours specialized operators Hauser excursions about sending to Outdoor enthusiasts in the corona crisis is having on virtual tours. On its online platform, he is offering a week, live lectures, and is currently a leading role. Tickets for 9,99 Euro, the Link to the 60-minute event by E-Mail, the required Software is free of charge. The proceeds will go to 100 percent of the speakers or with the supported charitable projects.

The little adventure in the head-to-come, most of the lectures are fully booked. “We have been transported around 1100 guests virtually, more than we have sent in all the April 2019 on a real journey,” says Hauser sales Manager Rafael Pohle.

“We stay here with our tents, three nights”

Now we fly with the helicopter through the polar flow over the houses of Kulusuk among us, and reached in a quarter of an hour Tasiilaq, with 2000 inhabitants, is the largest town in East Greenland’s. A total of only about 3000 people, five percent of the total population live in the mountainous East of the country. “This corner of Greenland has been 130 years ago by Europeans for the first Time traveled,” says tour guide Zeller.

And as you talk, sneaks in fact, the feeling to be with backpack and camera in Hand, in the case of a multi-day hike: “We explore the village.” “We are at 15 to 20 degrees in a T-Shirt on the way.” “We stay here with our tents, three nights.” “We play with the icebergs on the beach.”

And then the many are there photos: from the Luggage belt at the airport through the mosquito nets, the hikers views of the glacier.

“Switch off, see something else. And the travel experiences to life just let go”

Rafael Pohle, head of sales at Hauser excursions

A real trip, such a presentation is not, can be a substitute for, of course, says Pohle. But it’s going to be more than pure Information. “People want to get away from it and see something else. Lots of regular customers to view the lectures, you want your experiences to life.” In the question and answer session at the end of a sense of normality in, if the listeners want to temperatures at night questions, the danger from polar bears to inquire and know how hard the baggage.

Shortly after Down Under

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Other operators are increasingly relying on virtual Alternatives. Travel Essence, for example, organized as a specialist for tailor-made travel to Australia and new Zealand normally in Germany talks in his office. “That’s not for us an important Tool to those interested in bringing some of Australia’s and new Zealand, but also to show our way of traveling,” says Marketing and event Manager Anina Mörgenthaler. Since the beginning of the month, the company offer, the events are now online, so far, there have been about 150 applications. The lectures will provide information about the sights, the possible flight routes and owner-managed properties. They are accessible to everyone and free of charge, you will have to login only.

Globetrotter travel through the led so far, six virtual trips with the Opera Director Michael storm, with more in the planning. Finally, it went to Vienna, and Egypt. In average, 30 to 45 people, according to organizers. The invitation Link in a Newsletter, you can register online. Interested parties will then automatically receive two days before the virtual Trip an E-Mail. This may be forwarded according to the Globetrotter to other travellers. “It is not a closed society, but open to all.”

Frankfurt, Erfurt, Stuttgart – simply run

However, it must always be the big, wide world. Also, some German cities currently from the Sofa to explore. The local provider Frankfurt city events, for example, has recorded under the Motto “Gugge and do Good” virtual tours. The approximately 25-minute Videos interested take you on a visit to the small market hall, to a tour through the old town or leave you with a night guard through the dark Frankfurt take a walk. The offer is free, donations are possible.

Stuttgart provides Videos, in a 360-degree view angle. City guide to show the people at home “hot spots” of the city, or the more than 400 flights of steps which are as Stuttgarter Stäffele said. The up to 15 minutes long Clips free of charge on YouTube.

Without the comments coming Sunday walks in Thuringia from. Each week, a different city is in focus. On the Facebook channel “Thuringia” can track visitors will discover the 30-minute walk live – or run. So far, among other things, walks have been published by Erfurt, Weimar and Gotha. You are also more available.

Streaming to the Rhine and the Great Barrier Reef

In the Glut of streaming providers, travel reports, which will help when you dream away to slumber. The online portal Featvre provides an Overview and a selection of the best documentaries and reports from more than 40 libraries – recommended and reviewed by independent editors. To include the current recommendations of the “Interactive Journey” on the Great Barrier Reef with the British wildlife filmmaker and naturalist David Attenborough, or the documentary “das Rheingold – faces of a river, for example”.

In the next few days, a crossing of the Alps, and a trip to Bulgaria to stand at Hauser. Also, Patagonia is still “in the drawer”. Topics there are not enough: “If we want to, we can make the until the of June,” says Pohl. But for the first time, the organizer wants to wait and see whether the beginning of may, further easing the output restrictions are to be expected. Some customers, however, have signaled to want to even after the corona crisis, virtually, to go on a journey – then an ideal preparation for the real trip.

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