Virtual reality, without cable

Facebook want to still tough business with virtual reality, with a special, high-quality eyewear without the hassle of cords boost. The Online network was introduced on Wednesday the device, called the Oculus Quest, in which, among other things, to the determination of the position of the necessary Sensors are directly integrated into the housing. The current Top model of the Oculus Rift requires two external Sensors, which must be the same as the glasses himself with cables to a powerful Computer is connected.

The Quest to enable a VR experience on the level of quality of the Rift, it said. She was with her larger movement space game intended mainly for video games. 399 dollars, you should be just as expensive, as is currently the Rift (costs in Germany, 449 euros). In the trade, the Quest is to come in the coming year. In a similar price range, there are on the market already, for example, the wireless VR glasses Mirage Solo Lenovo. In the case of the Acer glasses “Windows Mixed Reality” are integrated with the Sensors also, the glasses, but still requires a cable connection to the PC.

In the case of virtual reality, a user can glasses thanks to Special in a digital world. Facebook continued with the multibillion-dollar purchase of a pioneer Oculus heavily on the technology. Virtual reality has so far remained but, in spite of great expectations is more of a niche market. This is due to the high price of the glasses, but also to the fact that they are quite bulky and the picture quality is still in need of improvement.

Glasses for the Smartphone are selling worse

In the spring of Facebook already tried to enter the market with cheaper and relatively simple glasses, the Oculus Go is a boost. You can’t see their Position in space, and therefore it is intended mainly for media content and easy games. The Oculus Go was sold in the last quarter, along with the identical glasses Xiaomi Mi VR in China, according to calculations by the market researchers at IDC, a total of 212.000 devices.

In the business with experiences in virtual reality, Smartphones were first of all as an important driving force, but with the leak-effective packages, the manufacturer of the sales of these glasses is gone case this year, and back again. In the last quarter 409.000 the eyewear housing had been sold in the smartphone as the Display can be used, said IDC.

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In the case of the expensive VR-glasses, gave it to the market researchers, according to year-on-year decline of 37 percent – because a year earlier, sales had been boosted by discount actions. Facebook’s Oculus has sold accordingly, in the last quarter of 102,000 units of his glasses Rift and Sony 93.000 the Playstation VR. Competitor HTC came out, thanks to the newly introduced Pro-model of his glasses Vive to around 111,000 units sold.

Source: dpa

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