virtual reality will replace smartphones. "That's a clever concept Facebook", VR, what equipment, how to use, price, range

Facebook long segment invests in virtual reality. A few years ago I bought Oculus engaged in the production VR googles. In turn, the fall of 2019. the group is headed by Mark Zuckerberg has acquired Beat Games, the Czech manufacturer of games designed for virtual reality and famous in this segment called Beat Saber, there is also evidence of the work on the operating system designed for VR equipment.

VR is a smartphone?

Now it turns out that Facebook has an extended vision of the presence of VR technology in our business. Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Marquesem Brownlie, technological youtouberem predicted the end of traditional use with smartphones that replace the virtual reality technology.

According to Zuckerberg, in the coming years users will begin to phase out the use of phones, which are replaced increasingly fine glasses and goggles VR.

According to the head of Facebook, smartphones, who a few years ago, was a technological Outpost will soon be replaced by more sophisticated solutions, such as virtual reality..

Zuckerberg argues that the screens of smartphones impose currently, too many restrictions, and the environment VR allow contacts (including phone calls), with unprecedented level.

This is a deliberate strategy

Whether the vision is scheduled for Zuckerberg in an interview, she real? Or in a few years most of the users forgot about smartphones and replace them with more or less convenient equipment using virtual realityhow ? In conversation with Wirtualnemedia.pl blogger and expert in the industry and new technologies of this possibility.

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Strategy Facebook has been known for several years to create a platform through which people can communicate, like Artur Kurasiński. An additional goal is to create the tools with which this is possible. In 2017, the company has published a number of reports that have emphasized the importance of VR/AR in the quality of such tools.

Why? To this question, the expert said that Facebook is not a company that manufactures hardware (that is, electronic equipment), in this scale, as does Apple or Nvidia.

– This is where the main advantage is the software and users (myself their Facebook has 2.7 billion, and in the group in Facebook, then Facebook, Instagran, WhatsApp and Messenger is 3,14 million users), notes Kurasiński. – View and use Facebook, by using computers, laptops and mobile phones which are not made on Facebook. The company Mark Zuckerberg is important to have your own “window “on the content.” So I decided to buy and start Oculusa – a company that creates VR glasses. VR and AR is a new horizon, to which Zuckerberg is pushing Facebook and his entourage.

According to our interlocutor, thanks to its own devices (in the case of topornym and little convenience goglom) Facebook can cut other companies manufacturing mobile phones, monitors, laptops and TVs. To view Facebook in VR version will only be needed glasses (and in the future is less and less, lenses or dental implants).

– See what’s on offer today, manufacturers folding mobile hardware hybrdy between smartphones and tablets – emphasizes Kurasiński. Users need big screens for watching TV shows and movies on social networks. None of them will benefit from VR, which will have 4K and allowed to watch Netfliksa for 10-meter wall.

According To Kurasińskiego VR is another milestone and a challenge for the entire digital world. It won’t be a just representation of the 3D real world, but also the possibility of establishing a dialogue, an experience shared (Facebook, it is, in the end, the social network) and just spend time “fejsie”, the expert predicts. – VR is the only technology that gives the feeling of presence of other people and the community. No magic is associated with the work of our brain. Tricking the eye and giving the brain stimuli or on a narrow bridge over a precipice. Everyone who will have a VR glasses on the eyes, and capable of such a transition will feel the fear of the fallen. In the same way as the other senses – reach, engagement and adoption.
For those who are now twisting his head and says “VR is over,” I have some bad information – within 12 months Apple will reveal its AR glasses. Other companies to follow once again the company cook and create their own version. The market will fill the applications and new services related to Augmented Reality. And from here, only a step to the full level of immersion and experience in virtual reality – predicts Kurasiński.

Facebook revenue achieved in the second quarter of 2020 18,69 billion, Is 11 percent. more compared to the same period in 2019 (of 16.89 billion). The advertising revenue of the company made up 18.32 billion, representing a growth of 10 percent. in annual terms. Facebook did in the second quarter net profit of 5.18 billion, compared to 2.62 billion profit in the second quarter of 2019 (+98%).

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