Le casque de réalité virtuelle Playstation VR

Virtual Reality: Playstation VR has a price and release date

AFFORDABLE. Sony was the 3rd and last major player in virtual reality to have not communicated on a price and a release date for its future headset. It is now done. The Playstation VR will cost€ 399.99 and will be available in October 2016. Which makes it at the moment the most affordable high-end virtual reality device. It was at its booth at the “Game Developers Conference” (it will end on March 18 in San Francisco) that Sony presented the final version of its virtual reality device for Playstation 4 owners. The headset with futuristic lines will come with a processing unit, headphones and several cables to connect it to the console. The device is delivered without the Playstation 4 camera yet mandatory for the operation of the headset : it will therefore be necessary to add 60€ to the bill. As for other peripherals, a controller should be enough to enjoy the majority of games.

The helmet is delivered without camera yet essential to its operation. Credit: Sony

Playstation VR’s gaming asset

The great strength of the Playstation VR, in addition to its attractive price compared to other high-end headsets, is its future catalog of games. The technical characteristics of the different virtual reality headsets are very similar, it is by the content that the companies will have to stand out. This is where Sony has a card to play, with a machine entirely dedicated to games and of which many publishers are partners. So we can expect to see quality content landing on the Playstation VR. Although the dates are not yet known, big names in video games have planned to deliver titles by the end of the year. VR-compatible versions of Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Tekken and Star Wars Battlefront have already been announced. Titles specially designed for virtual reality are also planned, such as the very promising Eve Valkyrie – space combat simulation also present in the competition – RIGS in which the player will be at the controls of a fighting robot in an arena, or the impressive Journey of Robinson that will propel the user on an island populated by dinosaurs. It is in all about fifty titles that should be available before the end of the year. The Playroom VR, a free app, will be available from launch to experience virtual reality around 6 games. Introducing Robinson’s promising Journey :

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