Virtual reality is the future of eSports. Motion controllers in VR the quality of entertainment

– Virtuix Omni is the world’s first VR treadmill, which allows the user to smoothly moving the whole body in VR reality. Also allows for the first time to separate the head movement from the hips, which leads to the fact that we can run forward, to look to one side or the other, and there is a shoot – at this time in the ordinary world VR “impossible,” says Michael Raburski, managing Director of Digital Vitra.

The system consists of the Virtuix Omni treadmill, glasses HTC Vive controllers, as well as special wires that keep the player, and shoes. All complements platform “Adventure time”, which you can find compatible games. Currently, there are 17 games, most of which is typical shooter, FPP, which provide the ability to play from first person. Latest headlines that should appear on the platform, Arizona Sunshine and Doom. In the future, to debut on it are recognized in the market especially e-sports games such as Counter-Strike.

Is the future of eSports. It’s something between sport and e-sport because at the moment, e-sport is associated mainly with the keyboard and mouse, on the other hand, sport is associated with a net movement, but without any special technology. Here we can do something in between – we can shoot in colleagues as Counter Strike, but we should make an effort traffic on our treadmill, here the player will have enormous value, says Michael Raburski.

The debut of virtual reality in e-sports is behind us. Company Virtuix, supplier treadmill Omni, organized a tournament esports in VR. The players took part in an online shooter Omni Arena. Most likely, in the direction of such decisions will be followed by the development of eSports. The international Olympic Committee is considering the inclusion of eSports in the Olympic games. The introduction of the motor controller for VR games, of course, would facilitate this decision. E-sport will be launched and planned for the breakthrough of August and September, the Asian Games in Jakarta. In 2022 will be part of the formal disciplines of the struggle.

Glasses HTC Vive, in addition to treadmill VR, collaborate with other motor functions, which allows a new way to experience virtual reality. Footwear and soles with tracking system transmits the movement of the legs, so that you can in the world of VR to play, such as football. On the Playstation 4, you can, and use motion controllers PS Move in the world of virtual reality. Compatible with the platform becoming more and more games. The advantage of these solutions is their compactness, the Virtuix Omni platform is designed for business customers.

The future of motion control in virtual reality can be costumes VR. Teslasuit is not only captures the movement of almost the entire body, but also has a feedback system (vibration, which stimulate the body) provides the effect of a deep level of immersion. Jumpsuit for retail sales is expected to appear in 2019. Pre-order now available, and Hardlight VR. For less than $ 300 you can purchase the jumpsuit in VR with motion controllers and feedback. While compatible with the suit six games, and his eleven new, emerging at the moment.

– How is the price (30 thousand. PLN net – approx. ed.), deriving from the cost of production and transportation, as platform “Adventure time”, which allows you to manage all of your living room VR, making this decision is aimed mainly for business – to VR salons, amusement parks or business eventowych. If someone wants to buy a device for home, you must understand that not buying games ‘ licenses, you pay only for the minutes of use, as does the partner. Contrary to popular belief, does not go out-it’s expensive, – says the Director of Digital Vitra.

All! analysts estimated that the global market for VR games will grow in the next three years in the amount of 67 percent. średniorocznie. According to Grand View Research, the market in 2025. will cost $ 45 billion, According to forecasts Newzoo shows that the eSports market in 2018. has achievements worth over $ 900 million.

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