"Virtual reality is a superdrug“

Published on 01.04.2018

“A great feeling of sadness”

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg (“The Great White Shark”,” E. T.”,” Jurassic Park”) warns of the addictive potential of virtual reality glasses.

“Virtual reality is a superdrug. At least one day she will be,” the three-time Oscar winner told WELT AM SONNTAG, “she will change our minds. This creates an urge to escape reality. The efforts of everyday life then become a burden. So according to the motto: “Oh my God ,I have to leave virtual reality to go to the toilet or get something from the refrigerator.’When we perceive reality as a disappointment, the virtual world becomes a danger.“

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In Spielberg’s new science fiction film “Ready Player One” (in cinemas from 5 April), millions of people flee to the Oasis, a digital parallel world, in 2045 with the help of virtual reality (VR) glasses. Spielberg and his actors had themselves worked with VR glasses during the shooting.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before“

“When we took off our glasses and came back from virtual space into the real world, we always felt a disappointment, a feeling of sadness, “said the 71-year-old WELT ON SUNDAY,” we would have loved to have all stayed in the non-real world.”That was really strange,” the director continued, ” I’ve never experienced anything like this before.“

Nevertheless, he himself could have evaded this pull. “I didn’t become addicted to the Oasis because I was working on my film,” he said. Although he would find” virtual reality ” compelling and overwhelming, in his everyday life he keeps his distance from many forms of the digital world. “I don’t have a Facebook account, I’m not on Twitter. Basically, I just send text messages“ that’s it, ” said the director.

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Instead of criticizing IT thought leaders across the board, Spielberg recommends that users rethink their own consumer behavior. “Any of us can decide ,I’m leaving my laptop closed for three days now, I’m not on Twitter for three days.'”, he told WELT AM SONNTAG, “then comes the anxious question:’ Will I still be alive after three days?’Of course you will survive this! It is only up to ourselves to show willpower.“

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