Virtual reality exit

Virtual reality exit

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Clubs virtual reality and vr rides have become an integral part of entertainment in our country. In large cities (primarily Moscow and St. Petersburg) in almost every little neighborhood, every station has the access point into virtual reality. However, gaining popularity of visiting a virtual reality ride. By the middle of 2017 in the two capitals in total there are more than twenty. Mostly they offer small companies of “entertainment”, much less private individuals. What are its advantages?


Oculus Quest players


Firstly, it is, of course, its portability. The consumer has not necessarily somewhere to go, after all, need to bring it there. The user will need only a source of connection to the network 220 In and a little free space.


Second, the possibility of combining the two events at the same time. Often, visiting a virtual reality attractions are ordered for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, children’s parties, etc. This will surely increase the dose of positive emotions, will allow to diversify leisure, to gain new experiences.


Thirdly, an unlimited number of users. The customer pays for the time you use the vr attraction, and the number of people plunging into virtual reality, can be anything. Clubs virtual reality take for additional options such payment at the top.


Fourth, you’ll be spending time in virtual reality in “comfortable conditions”. Many people, especially those who first acquainted with the VR experience is so unpredictable emotions that result in unintended consequences that prefer to do it in private, what is called “no prying eyes”. And of course, that at home they will feel relaxed and can fully enjoy the virtual reality.


To visit the vr club or enjoy visiting the virtual reality attraction is a personal matter, the main thing is the positive charge received at the same time.

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