Virtual Reality : after 360°, 180° videos arrive on Youtube

Is 360° the future of video ? We still thought so in 2016. This format allows the immersion of the internet user : on the computer, it is possible to move in the video. Put on a pair of virtual reality glasses, and the experience is total : from the market of a small village in Asia to the operating room of an American hospital, experience the video as if you were there. Left, right, behind … Or almost. On June 16, 2017, Youtube released some data regarding the use of virtual reality by its users. And 75 % of people only look at the 90° in front of them. In addition, this format is expensive to produce : cameras that shoot in 360 are rare and expensive. Google, with Youtube, decided this June 22 to add a new format to its directory : the 180°. Less heavy, easier to shoot and cheaper, 180 ° videos will not allow you to look behind you ,but will “focus on what is in front of you”. In short, it’s a 360° video cut in half.

VR 180 video of the Coachella festival. “As beautiful as any video,” really?

These “VR 180” videos are available in high resolution on Google Cardboard, Daydream and Playstation VR glasses, and allow livestreaming. “Internet users will be able to have access to an immersive experience with a virtual reality headset, or a video that looks as beautiful on a phone as any video,” summarizes Youtube in its blog. A partnership with Lenovo, LG and YI Technology is announced for the production of 180° cameras, which should be available this winter in stores. “They will be as easy to use as normal cameras, for about the same price,” Youtube guarantees, a few hundred dollars. “Videos and livestreams will be easy to upload to Youtube”.

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