Virtual reality 3D - First the video "Tiger in a Cocoon", then the movies

The music video is for the song” Tiger in a cocoon ” by Loa Frida. The producer and director Jacek nagłowski is responsible for the concept and implementation. The choreography was developed by the soloist of the Polish national ballet Dominika krysztoforska, who performed in front of the camera together with Adam Kozal. Other artists included Anna giemzik and Przemysław Mastela (post-production, VFX effects), Patryk jordanowicz (photos), Monika Onoszko (costumes) and Iza andrys (makeup).

The photos were taken in the photo Hall of the łódź film school.

The video is part of the preparation for the project to study the language of virtual reality film. The creators plan to implement more than twenty short films in this technology.

The first experiments with the new medium began in the world a little more than two years ago, and their effects are mainly used in the field of VR documentary or as demonstrations of technology. So far, several music videos of this kind have been made, all in the United States, including Chris Milk’s film for U2 and Guy Shelmerdine’s for muse. The video for” Tiger in a cocoon ” is also one of the world’s first productions using asynchronous 3D spherical image recording and spatial editing techniques developed by circus digitalis.

Spherical 3D film, or in other words VR 3D film, after this year’s Sundance festival was defined by the magazine “Variety” as a new film medium. As with the increasingly popular 360-degree movies, watching them in virtual reality goggles, we find ourselves in the middle of the film. However, 3D VR film gives a much deeper sense of immersion in the story than in the case of productions using a flat 360-degree image. To achieve this effect in a three-and-a-half-minute film, the creators of the music video use up to 60 minutes of material made in 5k quality and complement it with spatial elements generated by computer.

The premiere of the video is scheduled for early April this year.

The production of the clip has prepared m.in. headquarters, responsible company m.in. for the films” in the shadow “by David ondrick and” forest 4 morning ” by Jan Jakub kolski.

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