Virtual paths

Virtual paths

When we hear talk about the additional gadgets virtual reality, we primarily have the joysticks. Then we begin to remember and what comes to mind is the wheel. Someone will surely tell you about the weapon. And many of you will remember virtual paths?


Indeed, this is a special kind of virtual accessories that make a stay in a vr space, a dynamic and more diverse, giving us a whole new experience. Some vr clubs are already using them in your Arsenal. Need to say a few words about them.


There are three known producers of virtual tracks: the Virtuix Omni, Cyberith Virtualizer VR and KAT Walk.


All tracks use the principle of slide – user do “slip” over the surface of the track. There are no complex mechanisms that lead the track in motion, everything happens naturally. Here there are the first differences: Virtuix VR and KAT has a surface with a recess in the center (easier movement when walking) and Cyberith surface is flat (allows jumps to be more natural when landing). However, for the first two platforms need special shoes, while the third has a special coating that does not require additional pereobuvaniya.


A few words about the design. Track Viruix Omni and Cyberith have a special ring, which is a kind of stop motion, keeping the user within the platform, and KAT VR protects the user from falling from an overhead mechanism for maintaining a body that can withstand up to 140 kg and allows you to move around without any restrictions. However, Cyberith has triple the support (in contrast to the double support Virtuix), allowing the player to sit down and lock the body in a sitting position. This becomes more relevant if you take while in the hands wireless steering wheel and a ride on a virtual car.


Virtual paths found fans all over the world, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In any case, the choice to do it yourself, the main thing that you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!


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