Virtual Japanese walk in La Villette

Virtual Japanese walk in La Villette

Until September 9, La Villette is hosting the incredible virtual reality project of the Japanese collective TeamLab. A journey in the dark punctuated by almost living projected forms. Forget your haunts and let yourself be guided.

Subdued atmosphere and acid colors it will take you a few minutes to accustom your eyes to the ambient darkness that inhabits the Grande Halle de la Villette. Schools of fish, butterflies and flower petals welcome you from the first room in a colorful and completely interactive universe.

Sublimate virtual reality

This large-scale project is led by a team of graphic designers, architects, mathematicians and programmers who question the limits of technology on 2000 m2 and seven spaces in which real or abstract forms are projected in motion. In the main room, an uninterrupted 11m high waterfall drifts in contact with a visitor. And when a crow crosses a kanji (the Japanese logograms), it sometimes gives way to huge flower beds that explode to music. In the strolling spaces, a field of flowers is crossed by a procession of Japanese warriors, frogs and rabbits makes its way to the waterfall while on the wall opposite butterflies follow the walk and lead us into another space. In these pieces, the themes are free and mostly inspired by nature with a resplendent Japanese aesthetic.

The TeamLab Agathe Moreaux waterfall

A unique interaction every time

In this fantasized microcosm, the visitor is invited to create an interaction with the walls on which works are projected. Thus, the school of fish moves away to meet your hand creating a colorful shape, the character of the procession looks at you when you approach him, or the flowers bud on your way into a carpet of petals. These works produced in real time are never the same. They are not programmed or only projected but are in fact created by a computer program that takes into account the presence of the spectators but also the interactions that the forms have with each other. A show for young and old at the opening of the “Japonismes 2018” season, which celebrates the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and France. Gripping and soothing.

TeamLab beyond the limits, Grande halle de la Villette, 211 avenue Jean Jaurès (XIX). Until September 9. Tel.: 01 40 03 75 75.

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