VimpelCom calls you to the chat

VimpelCom calls you to the chat


Customers of telecommunications companies are not very loyal and are ready to change the operator if they are no longer satisfied with it. Fortunately, in Russia for some time now it can be done without losing the usual number. The requirements for the level of service are growing, but revenues are not increasing: the penetration of services has reached a peak, and organic growth in the telecommunications market has stopped. An important task for all operators without exception was to reduce costs, including for customer service. But how to reduce this cost item without losing customers?


The operator ” VimpelCom “(Beeline brand) announced the launching a chatbot based on artificial intelligence back in April 2017. The main task of the company was automate customer serviceto unload the call center. The chatbot is designed to help the operator’s subscribers get information about tariffs and services on the site and in the “My Beeline” application.

The chatbot platform for processing text and voice calls was created on the basis of the solutions of the Center for Speech Technologies (MDG) company. Its ChatNavigator and VoiceNavigator components were integrated into Beeline’s information systems. In addition, in March 2018 George Held, Vice President for Digital and New Business Development at VimpelCom he said that the company is testing a new version of a robot in Nizhny Novgorod that can recognize the voice of a caller.

Like a chatbot, the platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP)technology, but VimpelCom decided to develop it independently. Not only the company’s employees, but also external startups worked on the system. Also in June 2018, the company began using artificial intelligence technologies to launch a personal assistant named Mark, which helps you choose, order and pay for services in three categories: tickets to almost all cinemas in Russia, delivery of products from most major grocery chains represented in Moscow, and registration in beauty salons throughout the country. VimpelCom has launched a separate the Mark app, it works as a marketplace, which you can go to from the “My Beeline” application.


Thanks to artificial intelligence and natural speech recognition (NLP) technologies, the chatbot determines the reason for the request and provides the necessary information within a few seconds. The integration of the MDG solution with VimpelCom’s information systems allows you to maintain the context of the dialogue, and in case of a lack of data or on request, switch the client to the support center operator. The solution is implemented using Machine Learning technology and automatically improves the capabilities of the chatbot.

In addition, you can manually add new scripts for dialogues and responses to improve the quality of the chatbot. At the moment, the chatbot has already become a full-fledged virtual assistant, with which you can find out information about the terms of the tariff plan, connected services, the balance of the personal account, manage the selected services and the tariff, as well as receive technical support. Operators, in turn, work with more complex requests. However, if the chatbot could not answer the subscriber’s question the second time, the latter is switched to a live person.

The Beeline voice robot does not communicate with the subscriber, but attentively listens to the question, translates it into a text form, analyzes and redirects the call to a specialist who already understands what kind of problem he has to solve. According to the results of the experiment, the company planned to introduce a voice robot in all regions of Beeline’s presence.

In Russia, people prefer text messages rather than voice communication, VimpelCom notes. According to the company’s estimates, now more than 60% of all calls to Beeline support in text format are served by a bot that is constantly being trained. This is more than 460 thousand dialogues per month. “Communication in chats has become much more popular than calls, the audience of messengers is billions of people. The amount of data transmitted in messengers is growing every month. We understand this trend and see the future in interaction with customers using chatbots, ” said George Held.

The assistant “Mark” is also in demand. According to the company’s own data, the daily online audience of “My Beeline” is 1.3 million active users, monthly — 8 million, at the same time, the application was installed more than 27 million times.

Communication with the chatbot takes place according to a simplified scheme: using the command buttons “Order”, “Book”, etc. The chatbot, created on the basis of predictive analytics and machine learning technologies, collects users ‘ responses and preferences in order to offer them the most interesting and relevant services in the future. The application also has a news feed with polls and interesting offers, news from partners, as well as a feed with categories of services, from which you can directly go to the chat to order services.

In the
future, VimpelCom plans to integrate taxi services, ordering apartment cleaning, buying air tickets and booking hotels, telemedicine and drug delivery, fitness, goods and services for pets into the application. At the same time, the sequence of introducing new categories will depend on the results of surveys conducted in the service: application users will choose the next category themselves.

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