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    Viktor Koch presented Stickeroid-Y

    It is with great pleasure that we present new features and capabilities of our platform that have never been available before. To achieve the necessary results, we have spent thousands of hours of development to make our platform convenient and reliable for use.

    Exactly a year ago, we presented the first version of the platform and there was no doubt that our work would be appreciated, but we did not expect such indicators that we have achieved today.

    Our platform processed more than 250,000,000 requests, which is comparable to the population of a country like Indonesia.

    More than 145,000 graphic files were used to create the platform’s dataset. We have carried out a huge and painstaking work in this direction to solve a number of important problems in the communication market.

    Each person uses at least 3 applications to communicate with their loved ones and friends on their phone. The technological world of software has never before seen such a volume and wide variety of products that are presented to the end user today.

    We understand with great understanding that time for developers plays the most important role for the release of a product to the market. Therefore, we have directed all our efforts to ensure that our platform accelerated the development process, supplemented product and abbreviated expenses at all possible stages.

    5 root update features

    Improved search it contains a dozen changes to increase the accuracy of the output of results. Thousands of people will finally be able to find a suitable sticker for a particular situation and use it for a chat, video or photo editor.


    We used a completely new approach to make the Dashboard convenient and beautiful.

    Every developer will now be able to see all the useful information about how people communicate with each other through stickers, what requests they make to our platform and on what topic. This kind of data has a huge potential for optimizing the product for the audience.

    Of course, we have not forgotten about the privacy, decentralization and reliability of such data, so we have thought through all the details to the smallest detail.


    Our company has great respect for Open Source projects, so our team decided to post an absolutely ready-made application Stickeroid Keyboard for the iOS operating system. We are convinced that only openness and good intentions can shift the paradigm of technology development. Now every developer can use the code and release their own keyboard, where our platform will be located under the hood.



    More than 100 new templates it will be available this fall for an Ai sticker generator for different cases.

    Decorating selfies or transforming stories will become easier than ever!


    For a dozen years, technology companies have been offering their solutions through the sale of licenses and SDKs. We do not believe in a future where customers are obliged to pay for something that they may not even use to the full, so we present a modified pay-as-to-go model. Each developer will be able to use the entire arsenal of our technologies at a unified and extremely affordable price. We are not talking about thousands of dollars, but about cents!

    There are no hidden tariffs, no payments in advance and no procedures with licenses. All technological innovations are available to everyone.

    With deep respect,






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