Varjo produces XR-1 Dev Edition, combining VR and AR, all in one headset

Varjo produces XR-1 Dev Edition, combining VR and AR, all in one headset

After a run-oriented enterprise headset VR-2 company from Helsinki presented his headset XR-1 Developer Edition, which is over 10 000 USD includes high-quality “bionic display” and the built-in tracking eye movement, and now through the cameras that promise to make the headset ideal platform for the development of both AR and virtual corporate business.


As VR-2, focused on enterprise Varjo, the new XR-1 includes a “bionic display” combines a Central “current display” micro-OLED with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (60 PPD) with more “contextual” display with a resolution of 1440 x 1600, which has a lower PPD but the headset provides a field of view of 87 degrees.





In addition to the built-in tracking functions of the eye, which was previously available in VR-2 and VR-2 Pro, Varjo now includes in its XR-1 two 12-megapixel camera with fixed focus that have a refresh rate of 90 Hz and the circular angle of 94 degrees. It said in a blog post and intended to allow developers to create “a truly photorealistic objects in a mixed reality in which virtual objects for the first time merge with the reality in maximalnom field of view”.


To emphasize this, Varjo has also released a video demonstrating a non-modified picture captured using XR-1 Developer Edition, which shows the decision XR on the basis of the cabin, created by Bohemia Interactive Simulations, which allows the pilot and copilot to interact with the physical cockpit during immersion in a virtual environment.



As with all corporate handsets, the company also uses the mandatory annual software package and support, which costs an extra 1 $ 995, bringing the total cost of the package is less than $ 12,000 is not a small money, but, obviously, such giants as Audi, Volkswagen, Saab Group, this did not prevent in the past.


Key features of the XR-1 Developer Edition:


  • Photorealistic video sharing allows users to view realistic colors, lighting and shadows of the digital objects in full field-of-view (87 degrees).


  • The ability to switch between mixed reality and “full” virtual reality to enable users to interact with real and virtual worlds in a single device for applications such as testing of projects in different environments or manipulating the environment with the perfect clarity of the pixels.


  • Eye-Tracker industrial level 20/20 provides unsurpassed accuracy of eye movements of users in a mixed reality that allows you to obtain valuable information about research, training, modeling and product design.


  • The rendering pipeline with ultra-low latency allows users to take the most realistic digital worlds as an extension of the natural environment without noticeable delays.


  • The resolution to the human eye Bionic Display ™ (60 PPD / 3000 PPI) provides high visual accuracy even in the most demanding industrial scenarios where you have a limit and photorealistic accuracy.


  • Varjo products can also be tested in I / ITSEC stands for various clients, including Bohemia Interactive Simulation, Vertex Solutions, Ryan Aerospace, Presagis, Flight Safety International and Aechelon.



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