Varjo is a user interface "Workspace"

Varjo is a user interface “Workspace”

The company Varjo Technologies announced its new user interface codenamed “Varjo Workspace” that enables professionals to easily use your computer application Windows and software 3D with the recently announced company AR/VR headset, developer oriented, Varjo XR-1.


The company’s software allows users to smoothly switch between modes passthrough (through the vision), AR and VR, which allows developers to more realistic work longer in the set and switch between modes as needed.


With access to the Windows desktop that includes multiple virtual monitors, new software created to use the latest headset company with a permission level of “human eyes”, a new version of XR-1 Developer Edition worth 10 000 USD, which includes an external camera for through AR. The company calls this concurrent access to 2D and 3D content “a critical part of the vision Varjo about the future of computers”.



In an effort to appeal to the corporate sector, Varjo produces headsets with high resolution, such as an expensive option VR-2 and VR-2 Pro . As XR-1, these devices are equipped with a proprietary “bionic display” Varjo, which combines a Central “focus” OLED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and an increased “contextual” display with a resolution of 1440 x 1600. The idea is to give higher PPD where it counts most — in the center of the eye while maintaining a sufficiently large field of view (FOV) with a large, albeit lower, pixel context display.


Unlike other headsets, the company XR-1 includes two 12-megapixel camera with fixed focus that have a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a viewing angle of 94 degrees — more than the FOV of the contextual display of the headset — which means that you play the AR images in the field of view, which is allocated AR headset just can’t reach.


Varjo has partnered with several major brands in the automotive industry, including Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, and argues that professionals using its new software can hypothetically change 3D car model using existing CAD tools and visualization tools, such as Autodesk or game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, and then observe the model in AR or VR to get a better view of her design.



Urho Konttori, co-founder and Director of product at Varjo, said that the company Workspace shows how professionals can use computers in the future and interact with them:


“Unlike other immersive computing interfaces, Varjo Workspace are built on “flapping hands” Hollywood interfaces that have no practical basis in reality, but instead integrates the way we work today, using professional 2D applications — all of improved Varjo XR-1. Developer Edition. Varjo is unique because is the only manufacturer capable of photorealistic visual fidelity in VR, and XR, with perfect precision and color control. This is a key factor for the next computing paradigm. Today, the XR-1 and Varjo Workspace greatly enhance the value of mixed-reality for professionals, providing the opportunity of instant iterations and radically accelerate 2D / 3D workflows”.


Currently Varjo delivers its software Workspace clients and partners, together with its software package, XR-1.



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