Valve gets the Index through 3D viewing

Valve gets the Index through 3D viewing

Valve Index now has a “Room View 3D” , a new camera mode that provides “more accurate representation of your environment”.


In the new mode uses computer vision algorithms developed by Valve, Arcturus Industries and Occipital. Occipital is a company specializing in computer vision, which offers sensors and algorithms for position tracking and scanning geometry, the environment, and the technology of Arcturus, it seems, created by the team working in the Occipital .



To include a new mode, just switch of the room on the 3D tab of the Camera settings SteamVR. This will require SteamVR 1.13, which is currently only available when you enable the beta version of SteamVR.


Change the style of the viewing rooms on the opaque will give a better idea of what can technology do; although she still works with stylized modes.


SteamVR 3D Номер Вид


3D Room View does exactly what it says; provides end-to-end image has the correct scale and depth to most objects.

However, as in the case of 3D-correct Passthrough + on headsets Oculus, on the objects of the visible “warp” when you move your head even a little fast.



But this does not mean that the same experience — Oculus camera black and white and the Index shows the true colors of your room, which is a significant step forward.

However, where the technology Valve is not working, it close objects. For example, hands will have significant distortion, even beyond recognition.


Valve says that this functionality is “rapidly evolving” and suggests that in the coming months we can expect “more experiments”. Given the potential of these color cameras are high resolution, coming soon, company users will appreciate new capabilities of computer vision for Index.




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