Update "No Man's Sky" brings manned robots

Update “No Man’s Sky” brings manned robots

Since last year the update came out Beyond No Man’s Sky, which, among other things, support for VR in the game is a sandbox, it seems that developers Hello Games are still subject to an endless stream of content. Now players on all platforms, including PC PSVR and VR can manage your own bipedal mech.


Named “Minotaur Heavy Exocraft Hybrid”, fur gives players a new way to study planets and gathering resources.


Arriving with a jetpack, immunity to all planetary dangers, upgraded mining lasers and the ability to equip Exocraft solar panels to recharge their engines in the day time, the Minotaur definitely sounds interesting and intriguing.


As an added bonus, the VR-players get an exciting first-person view in the cockpit and the joystick to control the movement of fur.


Update Exo Mech this month follows the February update Living Ship that brought the game to fly your own space ship.




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