Update "Boneworks": checkpoints, new content and much more

Update “Boneworks”: checkpoints, new content and much more

After launching in December, one of the main problems Boneworks was the lack of control points average. This meant that players had to go through the whole level in one game session, otherwise they would have lost my progress and had to restart the current level. Big update, released recently, represents a system of control points average, and brings new content, improvements to the lasagna and much more.

As noted by the developer Stress Level Zero Lets Brandon (Brandon Laatsch — the above video), the update focused on three main themes: fixes for players who do not have a good experience, new content for players to enjoy the game, and a fundamental improvement in game technology to improve Boneworks.

Checkpoints and saving Boneworks

Perhaps the biggest improvement in the update is the introduction of a system of control points average. When you start players were able to progress until they reach the end of the level in one session. If they are interrupted for any reason (whether due to failure or simply due to unwillingness to spend as much time at the moment), they will have to start from the beginning of the current level.

The update adds a new control point within levels that players can use to preserve the achievements of their level. Players activate the station, grabbing both handles and while holding the triggers of the controller at the same time. Stations retain all the player’s inventory and any stored items placed in the bins near the station.

Stress Level Zero said that the absence of a system of control points the average level in the game was an oversight, as it turned out that players needed more time to progress through the levels, it was expected by the developer.

New arena mode and sandbox

Update Boneworks also adds a new scene “Brawl” (“Fight”) mode “Arena”. While the original Arena mode allowed players to battle enemies in the predetermined wave scenarios, mode of fighting allows the player to customize the battle and decide what enemies he would fight.

In the “Sandbox” Stress Level Zero said that it added 50 new items, including many of the “gymnastic” of items found in the campaign, which can simplify the Assembly of large structures. These and other items can be found in the campaign Boneworks, to then unlock in sandbox mode.

New showcase in the main menu of the game will show you how many items you have found and unlocked in the game. And if you think you have found it already, think again: two new melee weapons, kirk and Qatar, have been added with this update.

Boneworks also got a new scene Sandbox called BlankBox “fully open sandbox with minimal number of elements of the environment for maximum performance”. In addition, improvements were made to the stage of “Museum Basement Sandbox” with the advent of the cartridge, “health machine” and some other changes, and Stress Level Zero says that the scene will improve over time.

The main technical improvements climbing and much more

The update also touched base systems managed by the physics that powered the game Boneworks, which, according to the Studio, she plans to continue to build in addition to future projects.

One of the most significant improvements are likely to include changes in climbing, which is now considered more stable. In the starting version of the game climbing can be very “springy” and pull of the player, making it difficult to climb on and potentially leading to discomfort.

In addition, changes in inputs were adjusted to improve the sensitivity of the hands to the “quick actions”.

This is only some part of improvements in one update, but there are some moments that are not reviewed; check all the patch notes themselves .

“Stress Level Zero” called it “the first major update to 2020” and said that players can expect “more frequent updates” in the future.


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