Universities for programmers-which are the best in Poland?

Universities for programmers-which are the best in Poland?

For several years, the number of candidates for computer science in Poland has remained at a similar level: in the academic year 2015/2016 it was 35,137 people, the year before – 30,309, and in 2013 – 31,782. Candidates who want to become programmers can choose both state and private universities, sometimes they give up studying and this path is also ok. Bulldogjob, however, looked this time at the topic of how it is with Polish universities.

The demand for computer scientists, and especially for programmers, has not weakened for many years, but is actually becoming more and more. It is estimated that already now on the Polish market there are about 40 thousand. this type of specialists, while throughout Europe-even a few hundred thousand. No wonder that programmers specializing in technologies such as Oracle, Cognos, C#, .NET, SharePoint, PHP, Java or C++ have no problem finding a job . It also shows why every year so many graduates want to study computer science. We decided to check what education looks like in such directions in Poland and which universities are worthy of attention.

It directions in Poland

Interesting and comprehensive information about computer science courses at Polish universities was found in the report of the pro Progressio foundation. These data reflect very well the landscape of IT education in our country.

According to the above-mentioned report, in the academic year 2015/2016, public universities admitted a total of 20 410 people to computer science courses, while non-public universities-5 824. Interestingly, it students were most likely to study at economic universities (52 universities), followed by technical universities (24) and universities (18).

Wrocław University of technology (1364) and Warsaw University of technology (1076) received the most IT students, followed by Kraków agh (968), Jagiellonian University (875), Poznań University of technology (814) and łódź University of technology (769).

Non-state universities usually admitted up to 500 students in the final academic year. The largest number of students appeared in computer science (21,075), computer science and econometrics (1,844), applied computer science (1,287) and teleinformatics (406).

Classes in these areas are conducted in Polish, English and German.

40 universities in Poland provide training in the specialization software engineering and software production, and 23 offer specialization programming and programming languages.

The best Polish universities also provide their students with cooperation with IT companies. It includes inter alia internships and internships, the issuance of certificates to students, courses and training or didactic-scientific cooperation. In this respect, the University of Gdańsk, the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and the University of Opole are the leaders.

The figures already cited above show the popularity of individual universities in IT education and can be a certain indicator of the substantive and educational level of individual universities. However, we decided to check more closely which schools are worthy of attention.

Which college to choose?

The evaluation of individual universities is not at all easy and often different rankings can show different results.

This is mainly influenced by the criteria taken into account by the research centre concerned. Having analyzed the attractiveness of IT courses at Polish universities, we decided to use the ranking of higher education prospects 2016.

This decision was dictated by the fact that this is one of the most extensive educational rankings in the world. In addition, the prospect lineup belongs to the elite three world rankings, which have an international quality certificate.

In the ranking of it directions in Poland in the first place was mentioned Warsaw University Of Technology (the second in Poland in terms of numbers of people studying in computer science) and its faculty of electronics and information technology.

Congratulations ! 🙂

It is worth checking what influenced such a high position of this university. Above all, Warsaw University of technology has received a high rating from employers employing IT specialists and the academic community. In both cases, she scored the maximum number of points, which is 100. Scientific publications of the staff of the polytechnic university earned a total of 58.45 points out of 100 possible, and the frequency of citation of these works was estimated at 48.93 points. On the other hand, the university was quite average in terms of the availability of highly qualified personnel – 28.33 points and weak in terms of the number of granted patents – 1.82 points.

The second place in the ranking was taken by the Faculty of electrical engineering, automation, computer science and biomedical engineering of the Academy of mining and metallurgy in Cracow.

Employers in the IT industry rated this university at 84.46 points, and the academic environment at 89.96 points. Scientific publications were rated at 36.65 points, but the frequency of their citation gained 62.16 points, which means that they are often works at a very high level of content. Unfortunately, the availability of highly qualified personnel received only 18.71 points, but already in terms of patents agh performed better than the leader of the ranking and scored 12.90 points.

If we sum up the data from the above two reports, it turns out that one of the best places to study computer science is the Warsaw University of technology, and just behind it is the Krakow agh.

Dear graduates, if you are thinking about studying it, think about choosing these universities. Remember, however, that other schools also have a lot to offer their students. We wish you good luck in your exams and get to your dream college!

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