Undead Citadel shows 9-minute gameplay

Undead Citadel shows 9-minute gameplay

Much time has passed since then, as Dark Curry announced Undead Citadel at the end of 2018. But recently was published a new gameplay video, which shows many interesting details.


More than nine minutes of video from the killer zombie VR can be viewed below. In the Undead Citadel players explore a medieval environment, overrun by hordes of the undead. This means that your only weapon is fragile swords and axes.



New footage is actually taken from the beginning of the game, but Dark Curry clearly demonstrates some new updates. The combat looks a bit more physically accurate than in the past (when the game was presented at Gamescom, a simple hand movement you can kill enemies). However, the game is still impressive visually, and this is exactly what attracts the attention in the first place.


With impatience we will wait for the full game in the future. Will it match the level of Saints & Sinners? Will have to wait and see. Undead Citadel should be released on PC VR headsets and PSVR this year. Yet no words about a possible launch on a Quest.



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