Tymbark fruits of the earth - the app Tymbark Prank in the campaign

In ongoing advertising campaign of the brand Tymbark drinks Fruit World emitted two 15-second commercials. Shows them the reality of what it sees with the application Tymbark Prank, which introduces the world of jokes and fun. Heroes one and the other is a group of friends who play using a new app to create the world around them again. App Tymbark Prank engine uses augmented reality.

In addition, new packaging, Fruit Tymbark is the World of animation that can be installed in the frame to combine the world of virtual reality with the real. In addition, when scanning the beverage bottle, the user earns extra credits (stars) on a new pranki. Publishing the coolest ones are also gaining credits that can be redeemed on subsequent animation.

The concept of the campaign, including spot and the design of the application meets Agency Brainbox media to her plan and bought a house in a media house Mindshare Russia. Packaging design drinks company prepared a Well-Rounded Design, and the program meets The Dust Band Me&My Freinds.

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