Twitter in 2021 will update policy verification. Blue check marks are back

Twitter will again begin to verify accounts and distribute the famous blue ticks — after three years of break. The company shared plans on the blog, and also spoke about the introduction of badges for “automated” and memorial accounts. New verification policy will enter into force 20 Jan 2021.

A brief history of the abolition of the verification

Twitter users have probably noticed the blue check mark next to the accounts of famous personalities, companies and brands. This means that the profile has been verified, and its authenticity confirmed by employees of the company. Verification helps build trust with users and is a status symbol.

Three years ago anyone could send Twitter a request to check the profile. But at the end of 2017, the company decided to suspend the distribution of blue badges and ceased to accept requests for verification.

As reasons to stop the verification of accounts on Twitter points out:

  • mixed reviews users
  • “the shift of focus to protecting the integrity of public discussion,”
  • the preparations for the elections in the United States in 2018 and 2020.

Twitter made an exception only once. In may 2018 the policy, elected to the U.S. Congress, have been verified and received their badges.

The draft policy and gather user feedback

In November of this year, Twitter’s blog announced its intention to restart the policy of verification of accounts and urged users to help. The company launched a survey that is closed, and shared the draft future policies.

The goal of the new policy

Intention to create new policy of verification of accounts are that:

  • to define the process of verification and approval procedure
  • to determine the types of fit for the verification of accounts,
  • review the list of previously confirmed users.

Six types of accounts for verification

Draft verification policy Twitter yourself have identified six types of accounts that will be able to get the blue badge.

  1. The government.
  2. Companies, brands and nonprofits.
  3. News.
  4. Entertainment.
  5. Sport.
  6. Activists, organizers, and other influential persons.

Selection criteria accounts

Twitter also suggested four criteria verification rating to the user.

  • Filling: profile added the name and avatar.
  • Usage: the activity of the account over the last six months.
  • Safety: a confirmed e-mail address or phone number.
  • “A good story”: the abuse of Twitter in the last six months.

The company emphasized that it will be able to make exceptions if a user is included in the six suitable for verification of your account; high risk that someone will try to use someone’s fame to defraud users.

The new policy of verification of accounts in 2021

Twitter believes that it will be able to solve the problem of checking accounts with only one new policy, because at the start, it will cover all cases for verification.

But it is an important first step that will help to ensure greater transparency and fair requirements for all. For two weeks the company has received more than 22,000 responses to the survey to find out how can improve policy. On the website of the company already presented a section with questions about the procedure.

Updated FAQ on verification of accounts from Twitter.

Bots and memorial accounts

In addition to returning and improving policy verification, the company is also working on the best way to handle accounts of deceased users, and plans to introduce the process of memorialisation accounts in 2021.

Bot accounts

“Automated accounts”, or bot accounts will be a new account type. A special badge would make them different from ordinary users. Twitter sure it’s the type of account that will be able to benefit the community.

Memorial accounts

The company believes that maintaining a Twitter account in memory of the deceased, is the function that is required by users. To do this, in 2021, Twitter plans to create a new account type, but a lot of details yet.

Twitter will introduce a new policy of checking accounts 20 Jan 2021. The company did not specify when it will resume accepting applications for the passage of verification. But it seems the wait will not be long.

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