Twelve qualities of a good it employer.

Twelve qualities of a good it employer.

When browsing bulldogjob, you’ll notice the”best IT employer” tab. We presented there the characteristics that we believe characterize a solid and good employer, with whom it is worth hiring. Today we would like to expand on this topic.

For a long time, the IT industry has been considered not only the most promising and with a huge development potential, but also as a solid, attractive for employees. This is confirmed by various rankings. In the list of great place to work in Poland, IT companies (Objectivity bespoke software specialists, Syncron Poland, Astor, sii Poland) were in the top in the category of employers employing up to 500 people. The same is true for employers with more than 500 employees (Cisco Poland, Microsoft). In contrast, in the ranking of” Poland’s most Attractive employers ” 26 thousand. the best employers of Polish students were Google Poland, Microsoft and Intel. But what makes companies attractive to employees? We have prepared a list of what we think should characterize the best IT employers. In many cases, IT companies that win in different rankings can boast of the features we have just mentioned.

1. Innovation

Innovation is a word that has been changed by all cases in recent years. It’s got to be said, it’s had a dizzying career. No wonder, in our time, innovation plays an even greater role than it was a few decades ago. The world is rapidly moving forward, and it is driven by innovation. A good it employer must be innovative if it wants to grow and be successful in business. Such an employer will not make bold changes in both the organization of his company, and technological changes. In the article ” what motivates you programmer?”we have already written about how important it is for developers to participate in interesting, innovative projects. It is through the prism of innovation that an IT employer is increasingly evaluated, and it is they who often motivate IT specialists to work at high turnover.

2. High flexibility

A good employer is also very flexible in adapting the rules of work and organization of the company not only to the challenges of the market, but also to the needs of employees. Such an employer is able to quickly make changes that will increase the working comfort of employees, because he knows perfectly well that this will affect the results of the entire company. Flexible employer is not afraid to invest in the development of employees, expanding their knowledge and competence (external and internal training). It is also important that the employer is able to effectively use the potential of each employee and his skills. At the same time, there is no resistance to move employees between projects or departments, when it is beneficial for the employee and for the whole company.

3. Good reputation

We have already written about the most desirable jobs in it. It is the reputation that makes certain companies more attractive to employees. It turns out that the importance of salary in terms of the criterion for choosing an employer is decreasing, and the size of the company, its prestige, management style and work culture are increasingly important. Companies with a good reputation, which take care of their image both inside and outside, attract specialists with higher competence and knowledge than entrepreneurs with less confidence. ito, of course, translates into the business results of such an employer and strengthens its position in the market, while at the same time providing a stable place of employment.

4. Financial stability

The issue of financial stability also has an impact on what we wrote about in the previous paragraph. Building a good employer image is not possible, among other things, without financial stability. Workers need to feel safe and secure, not only in the short term but also in the long term. Even in an industry with such high staff turnover as it. Financial stability is one of the foundations on which the functioning of any company is based. After all, the employee can not worry about whether he will receive his salary on time, whether he will get it at all in a month or two. In such circumstances, there is no question of focusing on professional duties.

5. High-level recruitment process

Recruitment has already been the subject of many of our articles. An example would be the text ” how to effectively conduct recruitment in it?”or” IT employee command system”. We always stress the importance of a high-level recruitment process. This is especially important in an industry such as it, where we are dealing with an employee market and it is not easy to get the best specialists.

Recruitment is an opportunity to get to know the other person and their skills and potential. It is important that the recruitment process is conducted by competent persons.

High-level recruitment is also a complex activity, which includes not only the proper preparation of a job offer, the effective recruitment of candidates and the efficient conduct of their selection, but also the implementation of the adaptation process, which you can read more about in the article “Onboarding in it”.

A good employer is also uncompromising in the selection of employees. It is mainly about building a team of people who have a similar approach to work and who have similar ambitions, as well as meet certain requirements or at least have the potential to quickly learn new skills.

6. Openness to employees ‘ ideas

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who created, among other things, the concept of emotional intelligence, has developed six management styles. In one of them, he emphasizes the great importance of listening to the employer’s opinion of the employee and getting to know his ideas, as well as ideas. Such an employer is focused on people, on building a unique atmosphere in the team, which is based on understanding, empathy and cooperation. All this makes employees feel needed, important, show great commitment, loyalty and are happy to come to work.

7. Clear rules on remuneration and bonuses

We have also addressed the financial issue many times in our articles. We wrote not only about the amount of salaries in it, but also about incentive systems in Polish companies in the IT industry. A good employer sets clear and understandable for all employees the rules of remuneration for work, but also specifies exactly when and for what you can count on additional benefits and bonuses. The employee should feel that nothing is happening outside of him, that his work will be adequately rewarded for commitment and results. If the employer also introduces non-payment incentives, he should also clearly state the principle of their granting. This approach not only makes it easier to retain the most valuable employees, but it also makes it possible to recruit more highly qualified specialists.

8. Application of conventions in software development

Taking care of conventions means that the company provides a unified way to create software for everyone clear and understandable, in harmony with software engineering. Conventions “guard” how software is created, where there is a balance between whether it works and how something is done. Thus, it allows the employee to improve in the art of creating software.

9. Friendly office and working rules

A good employer takes care of maintaining work-life balance. He is aware of the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. Creating an atmosphere of dialogue to meet the needs of both parties, employee and employer. Parterre.

10. Combining technical and management skills by managers

The right management staff is also crucial for the implementation of projects, the functioning of the company and for the quality of work. It is good if managers in it have not only skills in the field of managing people and delegating tasks, but also have technical knowledge. Then they better understand not only the specifics of working on projects, but also the problems arising from various technical issues and are able to predict what difficulties may still arise in connection with the technology used. This also increases the working comfort of those involved in the project.

11. Taking care of communication with employees

Lack of good communication in the company is the first step to chaos and generating obstacles that can affect the implementation of projects. A good employer never hides from employees what is happening in the company. Employees also know what will happen to their products and ideas in the next stages of project development. A good employer is an employer that is transparent, open and enables two-way communication: to and from the employee.

12. Sharing profits with employees

The employer, whom we can consider worthy of attention when looking for work, not only pays well for the performance of official tasks, but also is able to additionally share the profit generated by the good work of the employees. Such an employer appreciates the role of its employees in the development of the company and in achieving its business goals.

We are waiting for your feedback on what qualities a good it employer should have in your opinion. We encourage discussion.

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