Tundra Labs, a company that manufactures chips and development kits for devices using SteamVR Tracking, creates its own accessory for tracking the ecosystem. The company is positioning its Tundra Tracker as a smaller, cheaper, and better alternative to the HTC Vive Tracker. A kickstarter campaign to Fund the project and collect feedback is scheduled for next month.


Tracking SteamVR from Valve is an open tracking system that allows any third party to create the device, the monitored base stations SteamVR. Own headset Valve Index and third-party headsets, such as HTC and Pimax, use a common system for quality tracking in the scale of the room. A flexible system allows users to mix and match devices (e.g., the ability to use a headset Index controllers Vive), and also allows you to add additional devices like the HTC Vive Tracker, which is a universal tracking tool SteamVR device, which can attach to such things as hands and feet to keep track of them in VR.

As the only available to consumers device of this kind, Vive Tracker has actually become a tracker for General purpose ecosystem SteamVR Tracking. It is typically used to increase the motion capture VR by attaching to the legs and thighs of the user, providing, thus, six tracking points of the body (head, hands, waist, and feet), not the usual three (head and hands). This allows more accurate capture and display of player movement, giving the avatars of virtual reality an impressively wide range of movements.


In fact, the comparison with Vive Tracker is inevitable; the Tundra Labs founder Luke Beno says Tundra Tracker will exceed the current operator for several reasons.

In particular, it is expected that the device will be “60% less, consume approximately 50% less energy, weigh 50% less and have twice the battery life”compared to Vive Tracker. Beno is also planning to put a Tracker Tundra for a slightly lower price than Vive Tracker for $ 100, plus additional discounts on the pack trackers.

But the Tundra Tracker is not only a competitor, it can also work in tandem with Vive Tracker, allowing users who have already purchased Vive trackers to expand their tracking configuration without the need to completely switch from one tracker to another.

In fact, users will be able to combine trackers Vive and Tundra and even controllers Index USB dongle Tundra Tracker. “This is a great nature open ecosystem SteamVR”, says Beno.


According to Beno, thanks to the reduced size and weight Tracker Tundra will also offer more flexible accommodation options.

“Form tracker is designed to fit in areas inaccessible to Vive Tracker. Base by default has two loops through which the user can pass a strap or laces for shoes. I’m also thinking about the integration of magnets into the base so that it could be attached to the metal plate, which can be embedded or sew clothes.”

Tundra Labs also considers another base plate for a variety of applications, but first plans to gather feedback from potential customers. “I would like to reflect the idea of” mass usage “[options mounting the tracker] is not a universal solution as Vive Tracker”, — he said.


Tundra Labs will hold a Kickstarter campaign for Tundra Tracker, which is scheduled to start in January, and deliveries will begin later this year.

Until the details of the Kickstarter are still being finalized, Beno reports that Tundra Labs will also offer “multi-keys” through Kickstarter that will allow users to connect multiple trackers (Tundra or Vive) with a single USB connection.

It is planned to offer multi-port dongles, able to combine up to three, five, or seven trackers, respectively. They will also be small enough in size to fit in the hole in the front of the headset, Valve Index, which will provide a reliable connection of the keys with the trackers.

According to Beno, in addition to consumer Tundra Tracker and multiport key, Kickstarter will also offer tracker Dev Edition, which includes a “very extensive expansion slot” that can be used by other companies to create functional monitored accessories such as VR-weapons, gloves, and more.

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