"Trover Saves the Universe", "In Death" and "Gravity Lab" go to the Oculus Quest

“Trover Saves the Universe”, “In Death” and “Gravity Lab” go to the Oculus Quest

Although E3 has been cancelled this year due to the ongoing pandemic, many studios continued their traditional announcements of games in mid-June. It just means that the owners of Oculus Quest will soon get a lot of ports of virtual reality.


Trover Saves the Universe



On June 18, Quest comes a wonderful strange 3D platformer from one of the creators of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland, and, of course, his team Squanch Games.


Originally released for PSVR, and then transferred to a PC VR headset, Trover Saves the Universe brings unique exciting Comedy Roland in virtual reality.


Your dog was kidnapped by a madman who uses their life force to destroy the universe. You cooperate with Trover, the little purple monster, and I can save everything and everyone in this strange Comedy adventure, filled with battle and puzzles.



Gravity Lab



Gravity Lab, first released for PC VR headset in 2016, is a puzzle game with lots of figures and ingenious devices on hand to use your imagination when you move balls from point a to point B.


Gravity Lab does not yet have an official release date for the Quest (“soon”).


Gravity Lab was created by an independent developer mark Shramom, which is also known for its Nighttime Terror VR: Desert Defender and his work on Sideload VR, the now defunct unofficial library of games for the platform Gear VR.



In Death



Available for PSVR headsets and PC VR, this single player game rogue-lite will help you to overcome and destroy increasingly difficult waves of enemies, which will make you doubt your ability to keep calm in the most difficult circumstances.


Created Sólfar Studios and adapted from the Quest for Superbright VR, In Death: Unchained will appear on Quest in July 2020.



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