Top developers by HackerRank

Top developers by HackerRank

The IT industry is still associated with men, although women can be equally good specialists in coding and new technologies. So what if even in technology juggernauts like Google and Facebook women occupy no more than 17% of technical positions, and in the entire Silicon Valley among such specialists they make up one third. HackerRank decided to check how it is with women and programming. Where do we find the most beautiful women? What technologies do they specialize in? Which women do best in it in the world?

Programmers-where are the most?

At first, we checked the HackerRank users themselves and the results were not at all surprising. 82.9% are male and only 17.1% are female programmers – which is still a better result than Stack Overflow, where only 5.8% are female users.

In the next step, we analyzed 50 countries whose citizens most often appear on Hackerrank and take on programming challenges. This is an interesting juxtaposition that shows how the participation of women in the coding community in different regions of the world. For many people, it will probably not be a surprise that on HackerRank the most represented developers are from India. Interestingly, you can also observe the largest percentage of ladies from this country – 22.9% of the total from India. The second are developers from the United Arab Emirates (21%), but the podium closes Romanians (20.6%). Other European countries and the United States are performing poorly. The latter ranked 11th with a percentage of female programmers of 14.8%.

Poland took 24th place with the participation of women in programming at 10.2%. It must be emphasised that we are not far behind the UK coder community, which is only 0.1% ahead of us. We beat in terms of the percentage of programmers such countries as Ireland (9.7%), France (9.4%), Russia (7.8%), Germany (7.4%) and the Czech Republic (4.5%). Unfortunately, we were overtaken by Bulgaria, where women make up 16.5% of programmers, and Ukraine (12.6%). The worst performer was Chile, where only 2.9% of all coders are women.

Ranking of the best developers

Before we track down the best programmers in the world, it’s worth looking at another list. What programming language or technology do you think most coding ladies specialize in? According to HackerRank – relative to men – women liked Java the most. Of those taking part in the challenges from Java, 21% are women, while 79% are men. Next, the ladies choose SQL (20%), C ++ (19%), python (15%) and Ruby (13%). However, women are least interested in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (9%).

HackerRank analyzed the results of programmers in tasks related to algorithms and based on this compiled a ranking of the best. Unrivaled turned out to be Russian, scoring an average of 244.7 points. In second place were programmers from Italy with 235.8 points. We can be very proud of Polish women in IT – they took third place, scoring an average of 230.1 points. Behind us were the Chinese (197.9 points), French (194.3 points), Romanians (164.9 points) and Germans (151.2 points). In the standings, the Americans were extremely weak (121.2 points), taking 14th place. The representatives of the United States were overtaken, among others, by such countries as Australia (127.5 points), Canada (129.6 points), Ukraine (137.8 points) and the United Kingdom (140 points). India, which had the highest number of female programmers, was ranked 9th with an average score of 146.2.

Polish women have shown that they do not lack high skills and are easily ranked in the world’s top, not inferior to their Polish colleagues. Recall that our programmers, also in the ranking HackerRank, in 2016 ranked 3rd best coders in the world, while in programming in Java they were unrivaled and took the first place. It is worth immediately emphasizing that more and more ladies are engaged in programming in our country. 

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