To unravel the last mysteries of the pyramids

To unravel the last mysteries of the pyramids

Cosmic particles have revealed two new cavities in the pyramid of Kheops. And the ScanPyramids mission, at the origin of this discovery, continues its exploration on the Giza Plateau.

Since October 2015, tourists who venture to Giza near the pyramid of Kheops, the last of the seven wonders of the world to have stood the test of time, can observe strange activities. Using what look like large binoculars, men scrutinize the walls of this monument erected between 2590 and 2565 BC, originally 146 meters high and composed of 2.3 million blocks of stone. What are they looking for on these uniform walls once covered with perfectly cut and polished white limestone blocks?

A cohort of Japanese dressed in white dust-proof jumpsuits creep inside the pyramid of Kheops. Philippe BOURSEILLER

Others are busy with computers and what looks like a camera from the 1980s. Meanwhile, a cohort of Japanese in white dust-proof suits creep inside the building, carefully carrying rectangular or square plates similar to mirrors. All participate in the ScanPyramids mission. And all have only one purpose: to make these incredible stone tombs speak in

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