La Géode VR

To discover virtual reality, the route of the Geode

If you are not familiar with virtual reality (VR), here is an interesting way to discover the different facets of this trendy field of technology : the VR course proposed by the Geode, this huge well-known sphere of the Parc de la Villette, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Four chronological workshops have been set up. To start, the cinema VR 360 where, sitting in a rotating chair and equipped with a VR1 virtual reality headset from Orange (which supports the workshop), you can watch programs. On the menu an immersion in nature and a humorous cartoon through three short films with slightly uneven quality and whose programming is expected to change regularly.

The salon of the future, for a total immersion

Workshop n°2: the gaming area with the Playstation VR console and installation allows you to discover the programs that Playstation ® VR makes available to the Geode. The selection intended to be scalable, may involve the choices of the players among the titles and will change according to the releases of games. Depending on the experiences, pay attention here to motion sickness, this discomfort comparable to motion sickness experienced during virtual reality experiences ! Third stage : the salon of the future, to our taste the most technologically evolved since it presents experiences equipped with room scaling, a technology that captures real movements and transcribes them in VR. No motion sickness here and much more immersion. All with a very good quality virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive. Different programs of very different nature are offered : the famous Tilt Brush for drawing in 3 dimensions and letting go of his creativity, but also skill games, action games or educational experiences (one of them allows the user to turn around the Sun and move the planets by hand…). Last workshop opened in spring 2017: Dynamic VR. Aboard a motion platform (equipped with fans to reproduce the effect of the wind), equipped with a VR helmet and attached with a seat belt, fly in the Alps with “the eagle challenge, race against hunger” and experience the roller coaster. Only downside, these experiments are short and would benefit from being improved in quality.

It is certain that if you do not know VR, it is a great way to discover it, educational in addition since animators accompany you throughout the course. According to the comments, some Internet users regret long waits. Also, it is better to make sure that you do not go to the most requested slots… On the other hand, seasoned enthusiasts will not discover much and may be disappointed. The place is 18 euros per person (reasonable price in the VR world), for a course of about fifty minutes and the sessions can accommodate up to 9 people.

Practical information on the Geode website.

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