Timecode film production invites you to participate in 4. Editing contest Timecode action animation
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    • Timecode film production invites you to participate in 4. Editing contest Timecode action animation

    Timecode film production invites you to participate in 4. Editing contest Timecode action animation

    The task of the participants is to create, in any animation technique, a film for one of the six soundtracks developed by the creative partners of the competition. This year they are agencies: Advalue Engaged, Feeders, nonagency, Opus B, PZL. The competitive soundtracks were recorded by UCHO STUDIO and are available at: https://timecodeakcjaanimacja.pl

    The potential of using animation in marketing communication is very large. This form works great both in social media and on television. Therefore, advertising agencies and marketing departments are constantly looking for talented motion designers. Our contest is to help both sides come together. Timecode action animation participants are creative people who are able to tell a short story of a brand or product in a surprising and interesting way, using moving images. As an organizer, since 2017 we have been bringing together marketers, advertising agencies and talented creators. In addition, we want our initiative to have a social dimension and for the second time we are organizing a competition under the slogan animation for the planet. For this reason, we invited only those brands that are not indifferent to sustainable development and environmental protection. In this edition they are: Energa turnover, Fixly, Goodvalley, nexera, Tefal and Veolia. – said Tomasz dławichowski, CEO timecode film production, organizer of the competition.

    For each submitted work, Timecode Film Production with the forest Forever Foundation, will plant 1 m2 of forest. This organization supports the protection of the environment by planting trees and shrubs without the use of biocides. This is the simplest form of action to reduce climate change.

    From the submitted works, a jury of experts in animation, motion design, graphics and marketing communications will select five semi-finalists who will be invited to the creative workshops. During meetings with representatives of partner agencies, participants of the second stage will continue to work on their animations. Then the jury will award the grand prix, and the partners their own awards.

    The work will be evaluated: Andrzej Pągowski – Graphic artist, Creative Pro, Kasia Kijek and Przemek Adamski – Animation directors, Kijek / Adamski, Małgosia Drozdowska – Creative Director, Agnieszka Klimczak – Executive Creative Director, Agnieszka Koćmierowska – Senior Art Director, McCann, Cuba Matyka – Creative Director/Experience Director, MELT, Anna Skałuba – Lead Illustrator, Squadron, Beata Śliwińska “Barrakuz” – Visual & Graphic Designer, Olga Voronevich – Director, Graphic Designer, PJATK, Małgorzata Grochala – Art Director, PZL, Veronika Majchrzak – Senior Copywriter, PZL, Vladi Kravets – Motion Designer, Feeders, Michał Kuczkowski – Head of Motion, Opus B, Juliusz Strachota – Creative Director, Nonagency, Bartłomiej Szołajski – Creative Director, Advalue Engaged and Filip Tomann – Partner, Timecode Film Production.

    The prize pool in the competition is 30 000 PLN, and the founder of the prizes in kind is the brand Wacom. The winners will be announced on November 16 during the final gala.

    The winner of this year’s edition will receive the main prize: 10 000 zł and tablet Wacom Cintiq 16. In addition, each of the partner brands will award their own awards, which consist of 6x 2 000 zł and 6x tablet Wacom Intuos Pro S.

    Start of competition Timecode action animation 2021 it is supported by a promotional spot by Michał leonczuk, winner of last year’s edition.

    Spot can be viewed m.in on the internet and on the city screens of the screen network in Warsaw.

    Timecode action animation-edition 4 from timecode action animation on Vimeo.

    Educational Partner of the action: PJATK

    Media patrons: Grafmag, Radio Kampus, Onet, Screen Network

    Information from the Open Minded Group: pr@openmindedgroup.pl



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