This is the new "Half-Life"

The game company Valve has for the first time, Half past twelve years, again a new game in the Shooter series “Life” presents. “Half-Life: Alyx” is, however, no ordinary PC game: It runs exclusively on Virtual Reality glasses, which are associated with a Gaming Computer. It’s supposed to appear in March 2020, said an official Info page.

Many Fans will be happy with valve’s announcement, because the first person of the “Half-Life” in combination with virtual reality (VR) promises to be a new, presumably much more intense game experience. Valve says in its promotional text: “you will Experience complete Immersion in its interaction with the environment, solving Puzzles, exploring the world and realistic Fight.”

Other Fans, however, that none of the supported VR Headsets have, are angry: do you Want to play the game, you need to invest at least several Hundred dollars in a VR System. “Not Half-Life: Alyx” is also the one of many Fans for years, eagerly awaited third part of the series, but a game, whose plot is located between the “Half-Life” and “Half-Life 2”. The term “Alyx” in the title refers to the character Alyx Vance, a resistance leader. You will control the player in the new game.

Series fans Vance already know since “Half-Life 2”, where she was taken to Protagonist Gordon Freeman. From the new main character, according to Valve, “the only hope for the Survival of humanity” in the fight against alien conquerors, are to be seen in the first Trailer for the game, only the virtual hands.

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An exciting title for the VR market

Valve’s focus on the virtual reality is hardly surprising. The company has similar to the Facebook subsidiary Oculus already own VR glasses on the market. Since 2016 you can buy the glasses Vive, Valve together with HTC has developed.

With the new “Half-Life” wants to Valve boost but probably mainly the sale of a newer Headsets: Since 2019, the company from Bellevue in the U.S. state of Washington, the Valve Index, to offer an in-house production.

>Valve Index: Virtual Reality, according to the Vision of Bellevue

>The Index is one of the highest quality, but also the most expensive VR systems for end users at all. For the complete package, the Valve does not currently 1080 euros. In addition, a High-End is required for the operation of the Headsets in-game computer. Who owns the stainless-System, you will get the new “Half-Life”game free of charge. The same also applies to players who have only the Index Controller.

Work is “Half-Life: Alyx” except with the Valve Index, using the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Quest (for this purpose, a Link cable needed, with the help of the glasses can be connected to a PC), as well as with the so-called Windows Mixed Reality Headsets from different manufacturers. For these systems, you will need to the “Alyx” for around 45 to 50 euros to buy.

However, a new “Half-Life” has the potential to make Gaming in VR for significantly more players than yet attractive. Games brands with the beam power of a “Half-Life” in the world of VR is only a few.

Part one is regarded as a milestone

Valve, the company behind the series, is both a game developer (the”Portal”, “Left 4 Dead”, “Dota 2”), as well as operators of Steam, the largest and most important PC game platform in the world. On the platform, which is now also the “Alyx” is distributed, can Games from various developer studios and played and bought.

The first part of the “Half-Life” was published in 1998 and is regarded as a milestone of the Shooter genre. Here you will find a 2017 released Retro-Test for the game. The successor to “Half-Life 2” came out in 2004 and had a Steam Account to play. At the time, this was a big controversy for Steam paved Valve with the pairing, but the path to success. The last “Half-Life”game was released in 2007, with “Half-Life 2: Episode Two”.

What is the duration of the game will offer the new “Half-Life: Alyx” is still unclear. Valve, however, speaks of a “full-length”: “Alyx” is likely to be more than just a short VR experience.

Information on Steam, according to Alyx is standing, sitting, or in the so-called room-scale play mode, in which you can move to a defined area in the room. In the game itself, there will be different ways of moving-from the teleport around the game world to the ongoing movement by an Analog Stick.

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