This is no walk in the Park

Chevalier hot and Chocolatier, so it must be luck on stilts to the touch, especially if these cocoa buttery career in the contemplative most of all sophisticated sugar cities finds its fulfillment in Zurich, where the brown food of the gods “chocolate” and chocolate factories look like the Guggenheim. And yet it has stretched thrown the Zurich-based chocolate rider from the saddle, and long before him, saying, we are: a thief, in his Chalet cosy Bungalow down. Depressed and had spent the murder victim for most of his life in the hospital and tired of living farewell letters written, tells its unclear Due to the Chevalier was gay – acquired daughter, Claire (Elisa Plüss) with children days of the famous Swiss obscenely wealthy Commissioner Tessa Ott (Carol Schuler).

A bit pronounced, but also clever Director Viviane characterizes the Andereggen behind a Business suit and an expression of the poor face hidden Claire the same as control-bent and hands-dirty-ready, that the slices of your huge glass makes the Junior boss and a supposed – sole heir during the conversation, personally offices Viennese. The inventory of a malicious tale, a formidable witch, besides the precious embittered knight and the enchanted Princess, and here’s Chevaliers mother Mathilde (Sibylle Brunner), the pestet on the old-fashioned way, against the kind of beaten-son (“sick,” “hereditary pre-loaded”), and also the plans of the Nation, the family Empire on “organic” and “fair trade” instead of fat mass to align, idiotic place.

While Claire holds her grandmother for a “Zombie”, flexed those juicy against Claire’s fiance from the under layer: “a parvenu, a Loser”. So it has to load after a few minutes everything Aphrodisiac of a chocolate-Plots evaporated, to make a dumb Bitch-Fight, and the bore possible family business-melodrama (wills, mystery, betrayal) of space. And this is the strand in the course of the film even more monstrous.

This time without a woman’s power-energy

For the melting responsible Commissioner Isabelle Grandjean (Anna Pieri Zuercher), which may not französeln in the second case of the new, charming, feminine Swiss “crime scene”-team – as the authors Stefan Brunner and Lorenz Langenegger acted again – only is more (“Attend”, “c’est tout”, “premier amour”, “Putain”), but ultimately unclear melancholy nice in front of suffers. It is considering the termination: “Zurich does not fit.” But one does not have the feeling that the reason for this is really the disappointment over the lack of transport, an Aversion to this city is full of rich problems or longing for the distant son. Sweet melancholy is just that good. Only that’s not enough to be satisfied. This is so similar to the “crime scene”-conditions to the avant-garde ends of incidence, the protagonists of grace is the fourth wall break through and talk to the audience. Such an attempt, which is not as Brecht for the poor, if, for example, Grandjean, in relation to a Zurich-price asks, barely alms to saving homeless: “What would you have done?” – this is simply given away.

The plot, in which the investigators stumble with VR glasses at the scene around and usual Suspect, tap, acting otherwise, as it was the Chevalier-to-‘m commandeering chocolate to world war II times with slightly fat has been stretched. A Textbook of fictional, fully redundant shooting trauma-digression – gun, frustration, dance in Club, second Chance, underlines that the authors could think of nothing more to at least a minimum voltage to build up. Even the arcing a result of the end of women’s power-energy of the Prelude, in which the Ambitious hardball against the worldly-wise struggled, missing this time.

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Not knowing what to in the most important showcase of Switzerland, to a large neighbors put, cannot come as a surprise, but nothing in an almost tongue-in-cheek precious shiny tinfoil images was Packed this air chocolate. From gorgeous, chic Commissioner’s office and the triumphant Chevalier property, we can grant us in the neat living or the candlelit Restaurant by Isabelle’s Beau and Milan (Igor Kovac) recover, and none of it sucks. A Hanoverian to the actual Star of this “crime scene”episode, Martin Long, the camera creates a stylish, but comfortable and accessible Zurich is a priceless visual Argument for a lot of money and good taste in behavior, not necessarily antithetical to each other. But it took, apparently, a German.

The scene of the crime: Schoggiläbe runs on Sunday at 20: 15 in the First.

Source: F. A. Z.

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