This camera is set to revolutionize the cinema
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    • This camera is set to revolutionize the cinema

    This camera is set to revolutionize the cinema

    After several years of development, the US-based company, Lytro has given up trying to compete with manufacturers of conventional cameras.

    Instead, the company has set itself a new goal: Now is the time to revolutionize the cinema.

    Lytros so-called light-field technology could help to turn the VR and 3D movies easier and look more realistic.

    Light field photography works in a fundamentally different way than the Photograph with normal cameras. A very special lens construction allows you to shoot images that contain, in addition to the lighting and color of the Pixel values is also information about where in Relation to the camera an object is located. By Software such photos can then subsequently on any image planes of focus or with a 3D effect (see photo).

    As delightful as this sounds, the customer has the technology not prevail. In addition, App developers, and camera manufacturers tried the Lytro technology of the post-Focusing with less elaborate approaches to imitate. The initial Hype around the light-field photography ebbed away.

    At the beginning of April, finally, Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal pulled the ripcord, announced via a blog post, the exit from the retail business and the entry into the professional Film Business. Not a second too late, you can say now, because now it is clear that the company’s engineers have long worked on a Plan B, the Lytro Cinema.

    Technical data sound for the first time impressive. The resolution amounts to 755 Megapixel, the refresh rate up to 300 frames per second, at the same time, the recordings were recorded with up to 16 stops, it is called Lytro. In addition, a high-resolution Scanner was installed. Overall, to be produced up to 400 gigabytes of data per second.

    What sounds like an Overkill, to filmmakers provide completely new possibilities. With the Lytro Cinema filmed scenes can be manipulated on the Computer afterwards is almost as extensive and changed how the 3D computer animations, a promotional film for the camera. This is possible because for each Pixel color and brightness information are also the depth data will be saved.

    Filmmakers could not follow suit with these data, only the sharpness later, but, for example, previously unthinkable camera movements by Software to calculate. Or the protagonist seems to be in a different environment, put, as the scene would be filmed in front of a Green Screen. Lytro Cinema would set the boundaries of physics and “camera shots that were previously impossible,” says Lytro Manager Jon Karafin.

    This is not true, however, for anyone who wants to make a movie of it you do not, you can rent the Lytro only. And that is not a cheap sub. Including the necessary Server and Software, the rent is at least $ 125,000 (109.000 Euro), presumably per day, but Lytro makes no representations.

    Film studios in the System currently, the first with the new camera short film test at the NAB show from 16. until 21. April will be shown in Las Vegas.

    Fans of the light field technology can come under its faster and cheaper than before to a Lytro camera. The 2013 introduced a first model, the cost initially 480 Euro, get it now for less than 150 euros. May be someday collectibles.



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