These are the most promising Start-ups by Code-N

Daniel Greenspan has always wondered why he was in the school of English has learned. On the stage of Code-N-the-art technology Board of the Israeli Start-ups “Sixdof Space uses” his Knowledge, to bewitch the judges, and the beginning of his lecture. The are, however, much more interested in what the product can actually. Greenspan builds with 15 employees ultra-fast optical Tracking, that could be incorporated, especially in Virtual reality (VR).

The solution is particularly advantageous, consuming little energy and have a low latency. This is how fast data is being processed and is mainly for VR glasses is important, so that the carriers are not bad, when you move in virtual realities. 5 million dollars have collected the Israelis, in seven years, the startup wants to implement-up $ 75 million. However, the major manufacturers ignore the Start-up. “Say, you know the Problem. I am convinced that you realize our Potential at some point,“ says Greenspan.

After his two and a half minute presentation, you must answer the founder just as long, and the questions of the Jury. Want to know who’s going to buy his product. There are some specialized manufacturer who would be interested in his product, says Greenspan. The move, however, rather in a number of tens of thousands and not tens of millions, such as in the case of the major manufacturers HTC, Samsung or Sony.

Speech recognition by some of the finalists

Something even more secure, the German start-up companies things thinking that wants to build a “semantic platform” by the year 2020 is. The spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of technology, says that they are particularly good at it, to recognize the content of language. Finally, it is the content of a difference whether Leonie runs away in front of Sven, or whether Sven Leonie hunt. 14 years of research put into the company, which was founded two years ago. The Start-up selling many subscriptions and write in the black, says Sven Körner, not without Pride on the stage.

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The sprays also Lea Dänschel, which promotes the Berlin-based Start-up Xain on the stage. Finally, the young company, born from a research work of the University of Oxford, has started only recently, 6 million euros, among other things, of the well-known Investor Earlybird. Außerdme has won Xain a competition at Porsche, where it has integrated the first Time a Blockchain solution into a car. The Start-up combines the technology with Cybersecurity in order to simplify the access to equipment, machines or cars in a time of the Internet of things and to make them safe at the same time. The Berlin cooperate with many car companies, Volkswagen as well as Porsche and Daimler.

The Blockchain is everywhere

On cooperation between established and firm, for the “New New Festival”, is in Stuttgart, also the German Start-up Holo-Light. It is cooperating with Microsoft, developed by the data glasses Holo-Lens. Holo-Light will, in turn, help in training, about hours of exciting to make. So, if in the classroom suddenly, the emergence of a volcano, or the bone structure of dinosaurs on the table can be displayed, the content much better, is convinced the Start-up. As such, surgeons could practice with the program on a digital brain for surgery.

Of America, Brazil, Israel to Germany, the young entrepreneurs have shown in Stuttgart, what ideas you have for the digital future. Now the Jury is in session.

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