The Void: the First Virtual Reality centre opens in 2016

Virtual Reality glasses are gaining more and more popularity and enable us to increasingly Immerse themselves in new worlds. In the United States and more specifically in Pleasant Grove in the U.S. state of Utah, to open the company The Void in the next year, the first Virtual Reality Center. In this Center, the people, the access should be granted to new dimensions and worlds without Limits. Later game centers in Europe, Asia, and Australia to follow.

The virtual reality feel

The US Startup would like to highlight the applications of virtual reality to a new Level. Up to 320 square meters of premises, referred to as “Game Pods” will be made available in the virtual worlds descend. In each Game Pod is simulated in a different scenario. The player is initially equipped with a special pair of glasses with a built-in Head-Mounted Display. The glasses was baptized Rapture HD and acts as a key to the door to the virtual reality open. In addition, there is also a vest which is able to stimulate the wearer with haptic feedback. About the vest, for example, captured shots can be made on the body. In addition, the carrier can also learn pressure waves and a lot more. The Initiator of the new game centres of The Void-in-chief Ken Bretschneider is.

On the Website of the US-Startup, explained that in the next year, among other things, up to 10 people large groups together on the dinosaur hunting can go. Furthermore, the possibility to prove themselves on the virtual and futuristic battle fields. All three months are to be added the creators of The Void, according to new worlds.

The technology in Detail

The VR Headset Rapture HMD consists of two curved OLED-screens. Per eye and a resolution of 1080p. To be able to communicate with other players, is also a microphone on Board. Furthermore, are integrated in the glasses, headphones that have a THX certification. Finally, the player is also equipped with Head-Tracking Sensors to be able to always be in the room to be localized.

The special vest is equipped with small vibration motors. These are able to simulate, for example, ball hit, to intensify contact and much more. In addition, The Void visitors, also a special Rapture-gloves to buttons and buttons to press or items to pick up and grip.

As realistic as possible

In principle one finds in The Void, a large Indoor amusement Park, however, was dressed in a novel and promising new VR Experience in. In order to make the Immersion in the new worlds even more realistic, should the Gaming Pods with the physical elements. The items can then be worn as a torch, sword or gun in the virtual world and also used. It goes even further. So, compressed air nozzles, and sprinkler system to simulate layers of different weather. Further, the use of hydraulic vehicle simulators is planned. In the vehicles for up to two people to find the place. Distributed between the three axles of the vehicles run for 360-degree movements. According to The Void, thus in-air combat, driving sequences, and the Mech can be allows you to duels.

Starting in the summer of 2016

In the summer of next year, the Grove will be opened in Pleasant, in the state of Utah, the first of The Void Gaming center. 30 minutes to play to beat 29,95 US-Dollar. Per Minute, so just under a US Dollar. The Expansion of centers for North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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