The virtual world is jeopardizing our eyes?

The virtual world is jeopardizing our eyes?

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Kandzia, are VR-headsets like the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear VR harmful to the eyes?

Kandzia: The devices are very new. Therefore, it is not clarified scientifically, if these glasses may have harmful effects on the eyes. There are no studies for this purpose. But you can speculate, given the mode of action of the optics.

MIRROR ONLINE: In the case of VR-glasses, a lens and a small OLED are located directly in front of each eye Display in a Smartphone. The quality of the Work on the Monitor?

Kandzia: First of all: Any on-screen work is tiring for the eyes. But there is in adults, no evidence that it is harmful to the eyes, or short-sightedness is generated. In children the case is different, because studies show the first evidence that long Naharbeit could possibly generate short-sightedness.

MIRROR ONLINE: What are the differences to the VR-glasses?

Kandzia: In the case of VR-glasses, a converging lens is located in front of the small screen. You want to give the impression that the screen and the virtual space appears to be further away than it actually is. Eyes and brain will be tricked.

MIRROR ONLINE: Sounds and See unnatural.

Kandzia: Right. If you look at the reality of a distant object, are relaxed, the eye lens and the viewing direction is parallel. If you focus on a close object, bend the eye lenses, in order to increase the refractive power, which is called power of Accommodation. At the same time the direction of gaze of the eyes moved from the parallel position to the inside, this is called convergence. Both processes are coupled reflex.

MIRROR ONLINE: And in the virtual world?

Kandzia: Because the eyes do not have to accommodate to focus near objects – all objects are at the same distance on the Display and the collection lens to take in front of it the work of the eye. But: you must converge, in some cases, almost squinting, because the two different images of the 3D effect are next to each other on the screens. The natural process of Accommodation and convergence is decoupled.

MIRROR ONLINE: What impact does that have?

Kandzia: Whether this is good or bad for the eyes, has not yet been studied. You have to get used to at the beginning, and it will challenge the brain. May you see after a VR session for a while, blurred or double. I would not recommend, therefore, to immediately get into the car or bike.

MIRROR ONLINE: What effects are still possible?

Kandzia: It can cause symptoms of Adjustment. You play games such as authors, where for a long time, fast-moving objects rushing past, may the real objects to a slower than they really are. You know the longer highway rides with high speed.

MIRROR ONLINE: Some of the VR must adjust the glasses to the interpupillary distance. You can make mistakes?

Kandzia: Yes, but this is not so dramatic. If it is wrong, it is more tiring for the eyes and the brain, because objects appear in the virtual world, in perspective, less than or greater than, the brain is accustomed to the reality. Then it must compensate for the negative effect.

MIRROR ONLINE: Most of the VR glasses use a special Fresnel lenses, which have a ring-shaped structures. What are the effects of these lenses?

Kandzia: They cause more artifacts than ground lenses used in eyeglasses. So it can happen that you see round edges in the image, or beam. But the health of the irrelevant.

MIRROR ONLINE: Have contact lenses or glasses eyeglasses are any disadvantages with VR?

Kandzia: No. But you should keep the contact lenses and the glasses absolutely resolution, because otherwise the 3D fade effect. Some devices also have correction, a built-in diopter adjustment, however, can be set for both eyes, only the same values.

MIRROR ONLINE: Screens emit blue light, which is suspected to cause macular degeneration. It increases the risk, if you have the screens directly in front of the eyes?

Kandzia: The display of VR-glasses are much less energy intensive than the sun light, the macular degeneration is more of a theme. Therefore, I classify the risk as low.

MIRROR ONLINE: Blue light also awake and interferes with the sleep cycle.

Kandzia: Yes. Therefore, you should use the sleep no VR go glasses.

MIRROR ONLINE: Can you get a conjunctivitis, when shared with other people in a VR-glasses?

Kandzia: Yes, there are very contagious forms. Hygiene is so appropriate.

MIRROR ONLINE: Who should use in your opinion, no VR glasses?

Kandzia: People who are cross-eyed or have no stable Eyes. And children under ten years of age. Here, the above-mentioned effects of VR can impact glasses may see development.

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