The stomach has to play

The stomach has to play

Until about two years ago, Virtual reality was a Symbol of a failed future, such as flying cars and underwater cities. A charming idea that has failed on the concrete implementation.

Now she’s back, and hope that it works this time. At the games fair Gamescom, which opens on Thursday in Cologne opened its doors to visitors, there will be a variety of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, and games to Try out. This time, it appears that the Virtual reality is really on the way in our everyday life.

Who überstreift a current VR glasses, without him evil, is quickly convinced. “Activities in a video game is half the fun, can be in VR spectacular experiences,” says John Foster, the designed for Sony VR games. The Europe boss of Sony’s console division, Jim Ryan, has put it: “The people want to lose themselves in video games. This Immersion has become over the years more and more intense. VR is a qualitative leap.”

Sony VR glasses Mopheus to come, such as the Facebook purchased Oculus Rift in 2016, the trade, can try to end customers at Gamescom. Also VR-glasses of a number of other manufacturers are represented in Cologne, Germany.

Concert from the air

In fact, the new technology could change the entertainment and communications industry radically. Why a movie in the airplane on a 15×15-inch Display, when you can have with the right pair of glasses, a canvas, large picture? Why the future of hotel rooms on view photos when you can virtually even look under the bed? Why a recorded live concert from the perspective of fixed cameras are watching, when you can float as a virtual drone through the dancing crowd?

Well possible that the limited view angle of the screens of today will one day be viewed as a lovely transition phenomenon. As Black-and-White photography or silent films.

But it could turn out quite differently, and many who are currently working on or with VR technology, are aware of the potentially historic significance of their work. The video game industry, it has made itself the task, to bring VR into the Mainstream, but she has a Problem: Just games in VR is particularly difficult. Because of the desire to move in, as a rule, more interactivity, as only the head.

Nausea can be avoided with a few Tricks

The psychologist Ben Lewis-Evans, an employee of a company for professional game tests, spoke at the developer conference GDC in Cologne on Monday about the question of how to “minimized Simulation sickness in VR”. The Central Problem: Five to ten percent of all the test players will experience their first VR game to try dizziness, sweating, Nausea, headaches, or other similar symptoms. This “simulation sickness” could disappear under certain circumstances, with increasing experience, but “how often do you try to provide for a voluntary activity again, when you had to throw up?”

There are a number of methods to reduce the risk of such nausea experiences. It is important to keep the image repetition frequency, called the frame rate is consistently high, and the delay between the movements of the head and movements of the VR image, low, says Lewis-Evans. Just movements on the edge of the field of view can cause the irritating feeling that the body moves – almost everyone knows the feeling when the train has in addition to the rolls, and even the impression, to suddenly go backwards.

Nausea rise by stairs

A solution may be, the field of view of the user of artificially narrowing. Another, it is the pursuit of a stable visual features such as Cockpit to take a break. In the video, the possible movements since steps (“strafing”) and go backwards traditionally play, you should bind it instead – because “people are not, in fact, is so,” said the psychologist. For some irritating environments, Bouncing, tipping or side roll are in VR-the end of movements. Already simulated stair-sensitive users crusher can give rise to irritation.

Also, sudden Changes in the speed of movement can be uncomfortable, as well as long-drawn-out speed of the changes, for example in the eight railway simulations. At best, says the psychologist, it is when the player is experiencing constant movement or the character is not stirred at all from the spot. “Anything that takes the player in control of the camera motion, increases the risk,” says Lewis-Evans.

Morpheus-Game "London Heist": Most of the playable VR title have to play a little with classic video together

>Morpheus-game “London Heist”: most of The yet-to-play VR titles have little to play classic video together

The traditional vocabulary is waste

In other words, large parts of the current video-game-vocabulary in VR to treat titles with the greatest of care. There are a few different approaches – for example, if the player moves by teleport instead of walking through an environment, because it is not a learned perception, expectations are violated. Or by visual anchors that are placed as a crosshair fixed in the center of the image.

To transfer a first-person shooter into a VR environment, would lead to massive discomfort. “Currently, I know of no method of how we could implement it with our Play,” said Jason Blundell, one of the developers of Activision’s “Call of Duty”series. Activision omitted yet completely on VR experiments, unlike other big Publisher.

“If something is only linked once with negative energy, it is difficult to get rid of,” says Sony-Manager Jim Ryan. Caution is therefore warranted. And: “This technology is in the long term, of the greatest interest, with an emphasis on the long term.”

VR = 3D TV?

The video game industry has experienced in the last few years, a variety of modes, which have been hailed as revolutions, but as a temporary phenomena proven motion control and 3D display on the TV.

VR skeptics in the industry refer to these examples. The technique, the fear, could suffer the same fate or not in the mass market, because the willingness is missing for a VR glasses with no outstanding games, hundreds of euros to spend.

The VR-psychologist Ben Lewis-Evans remains optimistic, even though he knows the ropes all the case: “creativity is, after all, to overcome the restrictions.”

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