The Smartphone will die one day, and then it becomes really crazy

APEines day will disappear the Smartphone, as it already beeper, and Fax machines have done. However, it will still take at least a decade, until a significant change is going to give us away from the Smartphone (and if we are in the year 2027, all of the Cyborgs, then I take back everything I said).

The basis for the impending doom of the Smartphones created Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and countless Startups.

And let me tell you this: if and when the Smartphone becomes extinct, then the changes for each of us. Not only in terms of individual devices, but also how we shape our daily life and perhaps humanity itself.

Here is a brief Overview of the slow, unceasing March towards death of the smartphone and the Post-Smartphone world, and how they look like.

Refinement, not Revolution

Most of the people are of the opinion that the iPhone and other Smartphones in order to revolutionary devices. They are small enough to be able to carry them everywhere, but also strong enough to store a large number of our daily activities. They also contain a camera and a GPS Sensor, and allow us to deal with practical Apps like Snapchat and Uber.

However, we look at the Smartphone from a different perspective: Desktop PC and Laptop are made of a combination of mouse, keyboard and Monitor. The Smartphone took over this relatively old model, resized it and changed the input on a touch-based control.

We take the Samsung Galaxy S8 as an example. With its homogenous Display and superior performance, it is simply wonderful. It is impressive, but it was more of a further refinement as to a real Revolution.

Business Insider

The Samsung Galaxy S8 contains Bixby, a virtual assistant. Samsung promises that you’ll one day have more control of each individual Feature and any App with your voice. In addition, a new Version of the Gear VR is included, a Headset for virtual reality, which has been developed in conjunction with Facebook’s Oculus.

It is rumored that the next iPhone will also have some Upgrades in terms of the wizard Siri.

And while devices like Amazon Echo, the Sony Play Station VR and the Apple Watch, restrained but solid success enjoy the car more and more Tech companies ‘ experiments to achieve the next breakthrough in computing.

The average length of time

The various experimental technologies freeze well, however. They remain familiar, but also bizarre.

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Magic Leap (which is supported by Google), all work to develop self-Headsets for augmented reality, what are the detailed 3D can project images directly into your eyes. According to rumors, even Apple is working on it.

The software developers from Microsoft, Alex Kipman, told Business Insider recently that augmented reality could replace the Smartphone, the TV, and anything else that has a screen that is completely. There is no longer much Use for a separate device, which is in your pocket or at home, if all your calls, Chats, movies, and games directly gebeamed in your eyes and the world around you, hide.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

While devices like Amazon Echo, or Apple’s own AirPods are becoming more and more important. Systems of artificial intelligence like Apple’s Siri, Alexa, Amazon, Bixby Samsung and Cortana Microsoft will always be smarter. It will not only give a rise to speak to computers, but also a to you for answers.

In other words the Computer of your senses will claim more than they do now already. Your See and Hear will be controlled by technology. It is a little scary. The technologies are not in control of what you read on your device, but also what you see in the world around you.

However, the goal is to create a world in which real life and technology seamlessly to each other are mixed. The major Tech companies promise that the future means a world with less technological distractions and more Balance when physical and digital world will be one. You can decide for yourself, how you see it.

The actual, crazy future

All of these innovations in the future will depend on the devices you need to carry to you, even if it is only a pair of glasses. Some of the craziest and most unpredictable progress go even further assuming you’re ready, still have some decades to wait.

Recently we watched “Neuralink” more precisely, a company that was co-founded by Elon Musk. The aim of this company is to build Using a “neural cord” a Computer in your brain. This technology is still very new, but it is to connect your brain to a Computer. The next step is to merge the digital and physical world together, but it also means that man and machine become one.

Judging by the scientific work and lots of smart people, this is the logical end of the Smartphones. If Smartphones offer us access to information and the augmented reality holds for us this information when we need it, then the “neural cord closes” the gap.

Ray Short Because Tech Insider

Musk told this is due to the rise of artificial intelligence, which supports a lot of other technologies, such as the wizard, and the virtual reality language. This means that people will self-expand to the machines to keep up. If you are interested in this idea, is the Futurist Ray Kurzweil, who are a leader in this area, especially helpful for you.

The idea of a Fusion of man and machine is scary. Already Science-Fiction writers, technologists and philosophers dealt with the question of what man makes us because. On the other hand, the idea is so new that no one really knows how this world actually in practice would look like.

When the Smartphone dies out, then that will mean the end of more than a Era. It we be the end of the devices that we carry around passively with us and the beginning of something, which is coupled to our body directly with digital Information. It’s going to be crazy.

Many technologists say that Smartphones give us a super power by not giving us access to Knowledge and opportunities which we have by nature. In some areas people will have the ultimate super-power, if the human Psyche is extended. On the other hand, I’m maybe just too optimistic.

Translated by Jessica Dawid

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