The Oculus Rift costs 700 Euro

The Oculus Rift costs 700 Euro

1. What is Rift, the Oculus?

The Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality glasses (VR glasses), which is connected to the Computer. With the right Apps you can dive into virtual worlds, and so, for example, is virtually in a cinema hall to take a seat, roller coaster ride, or in Chat environments with other users in contact.

Contrary to conventional computer games in VR worlds is a much stronger feeling of presence. This is due to the fact that users are able to experience most of the games from the first person view in 3D. By means of Sensors and a camera, the Oculus detect technology, head and body movements and transmits them, without any noticeable delay to the game. In the ideal case, the user imagines himself to be so, in fact, in the game world.

Here are some examples of the Rift are Software, click-Through:

2. What other VR-glasses are there?

The Oculus the only one VR glasses, but at least it was in the last few years, the biggest Hype is not a Rift. It is considered to be the Gadget that has brought Virtual Reality to make a Comeback, once in the nineties, a whole Generation of VR Gadgets was flopped.

Here you will find an Overview of the current VR-glasses click-Through:

At the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas, especially the HTC Vive is just a topic, because there is a new developer version of the glasses was presented, the Vive Pre. Of the 7,000 Times offered a prototype provides, among other things, revised the Controller and a new front-facing camera that will allow users to find a chair or a glass, without the glasses off. For normal customers the Vive will come in April. But it is still difficult to predict whether the manufacturer is able to meet the deadline. A price is not yet known.

3. What is the cost of the Oculus Rift?

The price of the Oculus Rift for Germany is, according to the Oculus online shops 699 Euro plus 42 Euro shipping costs for the USA, there are 599 dollars, plus tax. A request, whether for German buyers additional cost, for example in the Form of turnover tax on imports, has not answered the Oculus yet.

Statements made by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey had already suggested that the consumer variant is more expensive offerings than the previous versions. The last developer-Set cost of $ 350 plus shipping and import tax. Despite the high price, the glasses should be subsidised allegedly still from the manufacturer. Oculus in 2014, a subsidiary of Facebook.

Delivered to the Oculus rift to Rift, first in 20 countries, including Germany. Pre-orders receive, in addition to the glasses is a Xbox One Gamepad, as well as two exclusively for the virtual reality developed the games: the world space simulation game “EVE: Valkyrie” and the 3D-Jump’n’Run game “Lucky’s Tale”. Be charged the price for the Goggles to be first, if the Gadget is really delivered. So far it’s not supposed to be for Germany in the spring, an exact date, Oculus announced. During our visit the Online shop of April has been indicated as the delivery month.

4. The glasses are worth a purchase?

The Oculus Rift is, at least for game fans, the most exciting new Gadget for a Long time. Those who pre-ordered the glasses should be aware that he belongs to the first generation of purchasers. With views of the current development versions, you have to assume that the glasses a long time, not everything will be perfect. The starts will be in the wiring, which makes it difficult to, for example, a Turn, when you Play, and hear, that not all existing Rift games to be error-free play.

It is so in the case of a Tech Trend at the front, but also need to see the weaknesses of the system first-hand. Similarly, currently, buyers of Samsung’s Gear VR, a VR Headset that is connected with the Smartphone. The Gear VR works and offers many new experiences, but the App is straightforward and the ease of use could be higher.

Remember also that the Oculus Rift-enabled a very high and, therefore, in the purchase of expensive Computer needs. On the Oculus Website yet, for the “full Rift experience” would need at least eight GB of memory. You need to have a graphics card at or above the level of around 300 euros expensive GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290. The processor should be a core i5-4590.

Anyway, you should be with the purchase of a VR-glasses carefully, you should have never tried: In the most annoying case is a the Play is bad, what is the Gadget is practically unusable. Some players might find it even in principle, to exhausting-to-wear-glasses-headphones-combination, with the you take the Events of the real world around you hardly true.

5. How to pre-order the glasses?

On the Oculus Website, a Countdown, which ended Wednesday 17 PM German time delivery. Since its expiry, you can order the glasses below .

6. What you should even before the pre-order knowledge?

Long-time supporters of the project, Palmer Luckey, delivered via Twitter, good news: the enthusiasts back in 2012 on the Oculus campaign on Kickstarter with a pair of glasses prototypes, get the new copy free of charge, wrote the Oculus chief.

Another message is likely some VR Fan disappoint: Oculus’ Touch controllers, with their own hands in the virtual world simulation, you will not be initially offered. You can only buy in the second half of the year. Pre-order the Rift, but preferably, once the Touch Controller is to be offered online.

Update, 17: 30: We have updated the article with details of the final glasses price.
Update, 7. January: We have not updated the article with the note that the Oculus Website makes clear whether German customers more cost-threatening.

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