The Oculus Quest in the Test: The Facebook's new Mobile VR glasses is good

The Oculus Quest in the Test: The Facebook's new Mobile VR glasses is good

I’m a big Fan of the Virtual Reality (VR) and I’ve tested almost all of the glasses. My enthusiasm is that I bought the other day at the hardware store, a wooden bar, which ended up in the living room, next to a fan. With these accessories, namely, the VR game “Richie’s Plank Experience”, which simulates a plank balancing act in the heights of the effect even more realistic.

Many friends were amazed when I showed them one of my VR goggles. But if someone asked me whether he should buy a pair of glasses, I was not always careful, especially if it was a Hardcore Gamer or Tech enthusiast.

  • Mobile headsets like the Oculus Go, for example, are nice for 360-degree Videos, Play you but remain far short of what the Rift with PC-headsets like the Oculus or the HTC can experience Vive. Who was wearing a Rift, and then Go buy, would be disappointed, I was afraid.

  • The purchase of a PC-glasses gives on the other hand, only makes sense if you have a powerful Computer, as well as enough space in the living room.

  • With Playstation VR, the VR glasses for the Playstation 4, I am torn. With her, I find, for example, the hand controller failure – and how the Rift and Vive, and also it’s attached to a thick cable that you can stumble into.

Somehow, no solution was Not-at the same time, beginner friendly, and fascinating enough to put Nerds to the heart. People who experience more than simplest VR, but also do not have a Gaming PC want to buy.

The best mobile glasses

Let’s make it short: The Quest, a new VR goggles, the Facebook subsidiary Oculus, is the first product that I would recommend these people are worry-free. If you are financially able to, for tech and toys, 450 Euro to spend, this pair of glasses is the ideal entry into the world of virtual reality. You can be any existing mobile glasses, the Samsung Gear VR up to Lenovo’s Mirage Solo, old look.

With PC spectacles, the Quest can’t keep up, however, is technically. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor works, how you get to know him of not-quite-new Smartphones (everything for technology in our photo gallery). However, this disadvantage makes the Quest by mobility betting.


Technical data and game impressions: This is the Oculus Quest

>Once charged, the glasses two to three hours and is the only cable that you will encounter in this time, when even a headphone cable. You don’t like to plug in the wireless glasses, because of the built-in headphone sound too great.

With the Quest, which includes the Headset, two well-functioning, with the Rift controllers comparable to the hand controller, you can play almost anywhere. For outdoor use, the glasses are not suitable (sun light, and lenses are not a good combination), in rooms, but in record time, ready to use.

>One of the two-hand controller

>Circuit with external trackers

Unlike the Rift or the Vive no Sensors in the room must be placed and wired. The Quest relies on the so-called Inside-Out Tracking. The Headset itself recognizes with four built-in cameras, such as the player and the Controller to move in the room.

The Quest is not controlled, unlike many other mobile eyewear Positional Tracking: you only detects the direction in which the player moves his head, but realizes if he stoops down or to the side, leaning. This motion is then transferred into the game world. In action games you can look around the corner.

Before you start playing, one draws character movements with the controllers, digital protection walls, the keep later in front of it, to run against furniture or walls. For your field, you must create at least two times two meters of space.


Virtual reality: The story of Oculus

>Here, but it looks mysterious

The wall-Paint-on takes only seconds, and even fun, because you get shown to his room in the monitoring camera style. In the same view, the glasses changes also, if you exceed one of the limits is that You can go with the Quest on the head, so, theoretically, even briefly, in the kitchen or on the toilet. It is only a pity that the Oculus Quest rose no emergency stop Button, with which you can instantly and also within the field’s boundaries in the CCTV camera view.

If the Quest from the 21. May is available, there will be around 50 games and VR experiences available (see photos), including, for example, the light sword-music game “Beat Saber”, is the most popular VR game ever. With “Superhot VR”, and “Job Simulator,” “Moss” and “Space Pirate Trainer” to be even more well-known and proven good games to choose from. I did have a Test, especially the game of table tennis “Racket Fury: Table Tennis” fun, interesting, I also found the Action role-playing game “Journey of the Gods”.

Table tennis in VR

>The look is not everything

Graphics that cut me down, offered no tested titles. Now suggests that the Quest especially games, to work well, the minimalist, or cartoon-like graphics have styles, but in which the two virtual hands of the player to play a big role. The sounds sobering, in good VR Games it plays, but often quickly no matter how good the graphics are. The already known “Minecraft VR” about – this, however, was not announced for the glasses – would be repealed on the Quest to be perfect.

Games on Board the Quest, unfortunately, has not. The starter package contains, according to Oculus five Demo versions, most of the VR Games cost between ten and 60 Euro. As for the game supplies the starting Line-up, in addition, can be nothing final say. However, it is assumed that the Quest to Play some of the ports of Go or stripped-down versions of the Rift titles get.

Unlike in the case of PC-glasses it’s not supposed to be with the Quest is possible to play games from Indie developers anywhere in the network provided a prototype of the glasses is similar in the sense of a classic game console. New content will be most likely in the range of 360-degree Videos: This can be through a Browser via Facebook and YouTube, but also on other platforms to stream.

Storage space offers the 450-Euro-Version of the Quest 64 GB, of which more than ten gigabytes for the Oculus Software to go with it. Many of the first games are under a Gigabyte in size, but you should assume that other and future Games more memory space. The glasses aufspielbare 360-degree Videos in high resolution and could also take up a lot of space. 64 GB are so short – the 128 GB variant of the Quest for 550 Euro appears to me to be in a relationship but too expensive.

All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB


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The bottom line is that my enthusiasm prevails, especially since the Quest is in Testing, neither loud nor hot. Thanks to a supplied Spacer I could wear my normal glasses below. The Oculus Quest is the perfect beginner goggles for casual players without a Gaming PC. Those who already have a gaming PC that tends to be the new Oculus’s Rift is better supported.

It is a little like the duel Nintendo Switch to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One: The Quest is the technical weakest System, but hey: You can take it anywhere. This freedom has its very own value.

Note: Oculus has provided us with the glasses, and with access to more than a dozen Games in advance.

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