The Oculus presents a finished pair of glasses and a special controller

The Oculus presents a finished pair of glasses and a special controller

In a Party-Location removed old warehouse in San Francisco, the American company Oculus has announced on Thursday night, Details about the Virtual Reality glasses Rift. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe took far: He explained how he was playing computer games is growing up, she loved. Have it annoyed him, however, that it was only in front of a screen. “Your brain does not know is that You’re in, you’re just sitting in front of it.” With Virtual Reality and the Oculus Rift glasses, this should change now.

One of the biggest problems has been solved Oculus by using a large partner: Microsoft. A Manager of the software group, said in San Francisco: “The Rift will work natively with Windows 10.” Complicated driver installations, as in the past, with the developers of the models in the glasses necessary, you need not fear with the series model.

In addition, it was announced that the Rift comes with an Xbox One Controller from Microsoft. This makes it easy for developers, because there will be a default Controller for VR games that they can be adjusted.

The big Surprise of the event, the VR Controller, Oculus Touch, however, was. The new device, which will be delivered in pairs, should make it possible to use the hands in Virtual reality much like in real life. You will pick up virtual objects and, hand signs, and virtual devices can use.

The press conference for the first time shown a production model of the Oculus-VR-glasses, in contrast to the developers, the models much easier. With the previously laborious adaptation to the head size it’s supposed to be over. The production model will be adjusted automatically. Similarly, it has been simplified, the lens distance to adapt. Iribe also said that the Design had been so adjusted that the Rift can also be of the glasses used.

At least as important as the Hardware, the games will be available for the device, and will ultimately be the decisive factor for the success, however, is. One of the first games for the Rift will be the space Shooter “Eve Valkyrie”, the hunter rises in the pilot’s seat of a virtual space-and in battles in space to prove. A Trailer showing the Gameplay, revealed that the game has impressive graphical qualities and some of the laws of physics are ignored.

Tens of millions of dollars for new games

Second, the role-playing game “Chronos was shown” in the rushes as a lone fighter through mazes and against strange creatures must fight. “Edge of Nowhere” is an Action-Adventure set in the Antarctic and exclusively for VR was developed. Briefly, the following games, which will all be presented at E3 were mentioned: “Damaged Core”, “VR Sports Challenge”, “Esper”, “AirMechVR” and “Lucky’s Taale”.

The importance of Oculus, new games, it shows the message that the company wants to support independent developers, with tens of millions of dollars, in order to accelerate the development of new VR games.

In addition to Games, there will be the VR glasses with a user interface called Oculus Home, you can start games and new games to try out. In addition to the VR version, you can have the Software on the PC. In addition, the Xbox games on a PC on the Rift streaming.

That Oculus has announced these Details right now, is no coincidence. In a few days will begin in Los Angeles, the main game fair of the year, the E3, the MIRROR will be ONLINE and on the ground. Corporations such as Microsoft and Sony, but also game makers such as Electronic Arts, take this opportunity traditionally, to your new products, gaming consoles, accessories and especially games, to announce.

With the advance of the event, the VR-glasses-manufacturer wanted to make sure, apparently, that his message gets the undivided attention of the press and bloggers, before they focus on the novelties of the E3.

The Oculus co-founder called on the participants to the device at E3 to try, but warned at the same time: The Rift “is only the beginning”. So he should have rights. But for the beginning of 2016, the planned introduction of the Rift and it should ensure that Virtual Reality is the niche topic for mass product if the price is right. But this fine Detail remains unclear and has not been mentioned in San Francisco once.

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