The next conference of the Future of Wireless Systems

The next conference of the Future of Wireless Systems

15-17 April will be another popularnonaukowej conference Future of Wireless Systems. Due to the epidemic situation, the conference is conducted entirely remotely.

What topics will be affected?

  • Cyberbezpieczeństwo – the area on a wide impact on our lives. Clicking on the wrong link can cost us a lot. On FoWS we will discuss malware, as seemingly innocent parameters lead to the acquisition of the rights of the administrator and we will analyse the world Darknetu.
  • Telecommunications – we hold You to the analysis, evaluation and impact assessment of the electromagnetic wave and the current state of implementation of the 5G network.
  • Virtual reality/Augmented reality – we discuss what the application entails its use outside Kinectem or Pokemonami.
  • Artificial intelligence – what can help, in particular, in the process of creating a ” Smart City?

Why should be here?

  • Within 3 days, when you listen to instances of more 20 professionals from across the Polish.
  • The only conference, which provides a valuable and real knowledge is absolutely free!
  • The conference has the character popularnonaukowy, the topic being discussed is wide, so is a great choice for anyone who wants to understand new technologies and to be with them on a regular basis.

The conference is organized KN Wireless Group of the Polytechnic University of Wroclaw and the Students ‘ Association WIGGOR

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