The most popular myths - the work of a programmer

The most popular myths - the work of a programmer

The profession of a programmer is often perceived as extremely attractive, very well paid, and for many outsiders a typical programmer is a maniac who is a loner, spending 24 hours in front of a computer. However, many circulating opinions have nothing to do with reality. We check what are the most popular myths about programmers.

For many years, the programmer appears in the forefront of the most popular professions. It is not surprising that many myths have been created about this profession, which can sometimes very colorize the work done by coding specialists, but in fact – to write gently – they miss the truth. We have prepared a short summary of the four most popular myths. Some of them cause surprise programmers, and sometimes even their laughter.

1. Every programmer earns a lot

Unfortunately, it’s not that good. This rule applies to all industries. It is no exception in this respect. It is not a lonely island, where every coder swims in luxury and prosperity. The level of earnings here is very diverse and depends on many different factors, which makes some programmers earn a lot, others-a little.

If someone thinks that right after graduation they will find themselves in this first group, they can seriously fail. Of course, there are exceptions, but these are not the rule. If the programmer, despite the young age, can still show very great skills, it is possible that he will immediately get a high salary. Most often, however, you need to arm yourself with patience, regularly expand your knowledge and qualificationsto make more and more money. The amount of salary also depends on the position held and on the technology in which the programmer specializes. According to information from our study of the IT community, there are programmers who earn less than 1500zł net per hand, and there are also those who earn even more than 15000zł. And there are not so few of them.

2. The programmer is only a man

A dozen years ago, we might have wondered whether this is really a myth, but recently the situation in this profession in terms of gender has undergone an important change, as we already wrote in the article “women in it”. More and more ladies appear in the IT industry, and many of them specialize precisely in coding. This upward trend is shown by a report prepared in 2018, which shows that 48% of women surveyed have a degree, and the average age of respondents is just over 29 years.

Nowadays, in fact, you can meet women in many teams and in various positions, also related to programming. More and more ladies are not afraid to break stereotypes and boldly enter the IT industry. Not only that, it turns out that women are very good at coding. According to a report based on data from GitHub, pull requests sent by women were accepted more often than those sent by men.

3. The programmer must graduate

We have already considered this issue in the article ” does a programmer need to study?”. The truth is that completing a computer science degree and holding a diploma can make a career easier, but it is not the only pass to pursue a career as a programmer. Competence, skills, knowledge and experience are paramount here. Graduation is not a guarantee of success, just as lack of it is not a barrierthat prevents you from getting a good job as a coder. In some companies, up to a third or a quarter of team members do not have an IT background. However, it is worth emphasizing that these courses are among the most popular in Polish universities for many years.

4. The programmer is an eccentric loner and a workaholic

This is a myth created mainly by American films that like to stereotype representatives of various professions, including programmers. One can agree with the statement that such people sit for many hours in front of monitors, but work-life balance is also increasingly important for them. Sometimes, of course, it is necessary to work overtime, but this is not just the specifics of the IT industry. The myth is also a programmer-a loner. Employers are often looking for not only competent people, but also able to cooperate with other team members, communicative and reliable.

Of course, such myths about programmers can be found much more in our society, but we limited ourselves to the most frequently repeated.

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