The most important Social Media Trends for 2017
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    The most important Social Media Trends for 2017

    Our editor Andreas Weck looks back at the outgoing end of the year, and dare to forecast the Trends 2017 in the Social Media area.

    1. Live Streaming is a grown-up

    Already last year I had addressed some of the Social Media Trends that would win in 2016 and more important: the most important of which is the Live-Streaming as well. Especially Facebook has, in addition to other providers in the current year, a variety of Stunts, to make this new Format. Not only news brands such as the daily show or media professionals such as Jan Böhmermann, regularly use Facebook Live to send your content to viewers, but also Lifestyle and travel brands such as Adidas or TUI. Also, we t3n.de the function of a set, in order to offer our readers a guided Tour of our magazine.

    In my opinion, the Live will increase Broadcasting in the coming year even stronger. And also, and especially, through the use of private persons. While Live Streaming 2015 celebrated its birth and in 2016 to the tool, especially professional protagonist was, could not get to 2017, the yet really taken place great breakthrough in the field of private users. The function has a lot of potential, recognize observers, the fact that Twitter is planning to integrate Periscope in the main App. Live Streaming is a grown-up.

    2. Virtual Reality content to make the next step in the evolution

    The next step of evolution in terms of Live Streaming, and VR Content is what happened: Facebook has released yesterday, along with National Geographics the first Live-Stream 360-degree recording. As of 2017, it is called as business page that is to receive the selected pages and Profiles with access to the new Feature.

    Mark Zuckerberg of this technology is more than fascinated and also to the 10-year plan, to recognize that the Facebook CEO to the beginning of 2016 has been presented. He believes that virtual reality is the social networks of the future. We meet us, amuse us, entertain us. The purchase of the Oculus Rift shows how much the entrepreneur believes in it.

    3. Platforms standardize more and more

    “Everything is in the porridge. Platforms differ in at least functionally less and less.“

    Another Trend that is already being felt, and will escalate in 2017 more: the standardization of platforms. Instagram copied with Stories of the competitor Snapchat. Snapchat has, in turn, adopted with Memories from the “Ephemeral”-a Content at least partially, and provides possibilities to certain memories for posterity repealed, as it is on Instagram has long been the Standard. Facebook is swallowing, in turn, has always been a niche provider or to build their functions, as they inspire the masses. According to rumors, Youtube is intended to work with “Backstage” to convert the video platform of the Social Network, in which image and Text Postings are possible.

    Everything is in the porridge. Platforms differ in at least functionally less. If at all, only by their user base. Young users can be found there, where the adult is still missing. The battle for the attention of the user is getting harder for the large networks.

    4. Social Media is again political

    Added: In fact, social media have always been a political issue – from data privacy to Big Data analyses in the election campaign, or monitoring behaviour of public Authorities. However, especially on Facebook and Twitter in recent months has become increasingly clear that the platforms are now increasingly become a vehicle for political Propaganda that could shake society to its foundations. By using of fake news, hate comments, Fake Accounts and Social Bots have been operated in 2016, an enormous sentiment against elites and minorities.

    For the policy and IT companies it 2017 is called for greater cooperation in order to get these bad habits in the handle. Facebook and Google have already announced, Fake-News sites from the ad network exclude. The coming year will be hugely exciting. In Germany, especially in terms of the election to the Bundestag – in this respect, the election campaign in the United States is supposed to run.

    The author on Facebook and Twitter.

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