The most high-profile releases of the VR games in July 2020

The most high-profile releases of the VR games in July 2020

This month, the owners of Oculus Quest get three of the long-awaited port, while fans of PSVR as there is something to indulge in — namely, the release of Iron Man VR this week (!) and the imminent release of Pistol Whip. Plus, planned a huge update for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and many more.


A new VR game July 2020



Shoot Skies: Overdrive – July 2 (Quest, Rift)




Amazing shooter in virtual reality, where you control your car and fend off waves of 8-bit villains. Fair warning: memes abound in the game.




Marvel’s Iron Man VR – July 3 (PSVR)




It’s time to put the suit on Tony stark for the first time in VR. Marvel’s Iron Man VR offers a full campaign with the participation of the armored Avenger, available exclusively on the PSVR.




Budget Cuts – July 10 (PSVR)




The virtual reality experience Not Neat’s finally leaked to the PSVR, two years since its initial release. Throw knives at robots, it’s so much fun!



Five Nights At Freddy s VR: Help Wanted – July 16 (Quest)




The game was running on PC VR last year, and the message that it will be released on the Quest was first obtained during the OC6. The announcement was made officially after a month in the Oculus blog. Earlier this year, the developers Steel Wool Studios announced that the port Quest will arrive “a few months” and then later stated that there had been “tremendous” progress and soon there will be cool updates.




Into the Radius 20 July (SteamVR)




Partly inspired by the STALKER series, Into The Radius for several months, is slowly gaining momentum in early access, and finally, he is ready to release.




Dreams – July 22 (PSVR)




Finally came the long-awaited support for PSVR game from the Creator Media Molecule. We saw some incredible inventions in Dreams since its launch on PS4 earlier this year, and version PSVR promises to move all this creativity, the VR-headset in free update.




In Death: Unchained – July 23 (Quest)




Fantasy combat game, which is close to Dark Souls in virtual reality as much as possible, finally appearing on the Oculus Quest. Fully refreshed for the platform, wait for the game an exciting experience.




Pistol Whip – July 28 (PSVR)




After several months of waiting, rhythm shooter Cloudhead Games goes on PSVR, many riddled with Superhot action of John wick with a hint of Beat Saber. Just a dangerous mix!




Onward – July 30 (Quest)




A little more than a year after the initial announcement of the Downpour developer and publisher of Interactive Coatsink have announced the official release date of the Onward Quest on the Oculus. Players in offline VR-helmet will soon have the opportunity to team up with PC players in the VR missions with high stakes, in which proper coordination and planning will determine the outcome between life and death.




The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Meat Grinder Update – July (PSVR, Rift SteamVR)




The first big content update Saints & Sinners from the moment of its launch in January almost of users, providing a huge new Horde mode, and more.




Vertigo Remastered – July (SteamVR)




Zulubo Productions is revising its original single-player shooter, altering it. A great opportunity to prepare for Vertigo 2?!



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